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  1. Dear the Atlas team I felt like this needs to be said it never does enough I think, you all have worked extremely hard to turn Atlas into the legendary hook handed peg legged pirate adventure we all want it to be and you guys do not get enough credit for your hard work and extreme dedication even in the face of player scrutiny and having played it from the first day it came out on xbox on and off I have to say we should all be proud of how far it's come from the troubled waters of it's beginning to an amazing mmo that is finally starting to find it's identity I personally cannot wait to see where it goes next.This game is a one of a kind nothing does the Golden age of piracy like Atlas does and it's inspiring to see a dev team so passionately to bring their image of the ideal pirate world over the horizon I mean it Without sounding like some crazy pirate HR representative keep up the dedication guys we support you guys
  2. Hi it is how it sounds I feel like there needs to be more discussion on the greyed out map bugs for the unofficial dedicated servers for atlas this issue has been around for a year and as far as I can tell there has been nothing done to address this, now this is not a post about being nasty to the developers or anyone else i'm simply looking for answers and solutions as to why this issue persists for a product service that is subscription based what is the situation with atlas and this bug and will it be fixed? because me and my pals want to come back to atlas but this issue is a huge roadblock to that who employs nitrado now anyway as a side note they are a vile server provider with impressively terrible servers and support teams
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