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  1. Yeah that's pretty useless. The mechanic is completely broken. Anything done to mitigate heat does not work. Devs should be working on dealing with all the stability issues instead of releasing new things to build.
  2. I'm on the Xbox one. It's also completely unplayable. When I get to log in, the game just crashes in less than a minute. That's the one in 100 attempts to connect. The other 99 it just simply fails.
  3. So, just playing on the Atlas official server. Pretty neat! Pulled in a few crates and feeling pretty good. Landed on an island. Well, a heatwave happened and the game crashed. Ok, cool. Well I restart and get greeted with a "you died!" message. Meaning I lost all the stuff I had, my raft, and now have to respawn at my my bed where I can't build a new ship or a freehold and waste an hour or more traveling back. In no way I think this is needlessly punishing or pointless and definitely makes the game far more fun. Paying $30 for work and frustration is a great deal, a great deal.
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