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  1. I've been saying the same thing! But I said they should do that with the boat docks where you anchor inside them kinda like how the advanced shipyard works and have the options to release cargo into them. And maybe even make it where it has the option to transfer the cargo into your warehouse. Saves soooooo much time unloading back and forth!
  2. Lol new guy...been playing from the beginning but yet not whinning. Can't complain when they have a warning in the main menu saying things like this can happen I hope they take as long as possible as many times as they need! Breath it'll be back
  3. I love all the know it all and ungrateful players on here! I say take as long as possible to fix it instead of a million updates. Patience is a virtue. Great time to go find out what "outside" is in the meantime! Take your time dev's!
  4. They're hoping to have the servers up by tomorrow morning. Something with connection issues with Microsoft for Xbox players and no wipe for at least 4 more months. Is what I've just been told so we'll see..fingers crossed!
  5. Or you guys could be appreciate that they're fixing it rather than let it stay broken and that they have to wait on Microsoft sometimes to push updates and fixes through. It's not just fix and release everytime...at the main menu they have a warning that it will have problems because it's a game preview...have some patience. Keep up the good work devs! And if you ask around the community you will find out that are responding on discards that they are in. I don't have one but my crew member does and he said that they're waiting on Microsoft so we'll see. I
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