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  1. Still no patch. Maybe they meant 7pm pacific time today and not yesterday.
  2. Yes its not a perfect strategy. But it can help. It is PvP afterall if things were completely indestructible then it would be called PvE. I find that underwater stone houses work best for securing blueprints, etc. Even if someone does find one of them its very difficult to destroy.
  3. Thankyou for your honesty. To be clear I am not defending devs. But I do think this prerelease is a lot of fun even in its current state of confusion. They did a really great job on the water effects. The ocean actually feels like an ocean. And when you are on your ship deck seeing the cannon balls flying towards you and exploding ship parts when they hit is awesome. Grappling onto another players ship is great too. The rest of the game is unpolished at this point but I can see the potential once they figure all that out.
  4. 7232 views to this post. That's a lot of interested players.
  5. 3. Don't buy Hydra revolvers they are garbage. Better off carrying around a bag full of flintlock instead.
  6. So the other day I stumbled across a couple players using a cannon on a small thatch house. I perched myself behind the perps and had a clear view of my target. I only had my Hydra revolver with me but I took aim and unloaded 6 rounds direct hit to the back of the head of the cannon shooter. 6 rounds to the head and the person still had more than half their health. Is this normal ? To be clear this thing uses the same bullets as a regular flintlock. There is no difference in ammunition caliber. Something is broken inside my revolver.
  7. I am not going to argue that George. You might be right time will tell. It is not the original development team as you have acknowledged in some of your previous posts. Coming from a programming background I can assure you that working out bugs in code written by someone else is no treat... In my opinion they would be better off taking this awesome game idea and starting with a clean slate. But my opinions were never popular.
  8. I use my xbox to kill time. I need to kill another 20 years or so and that should be enough. You are correct in that I am not paid. By these developers or anyone else. I am retired and I choose to kill some time being a pirate. So I choose to focus on the positive aspects of the game like the awesome water effects and the feeling of my ship swaying with the tides. This demo is still broken but it has a lot to offer for anyone interested in new adventures. Good enough ? Good.
  9. You didn't buy a game. You knowingly bought a prerelease game demo. Anyone playing this now is getting a sneak peak into what a great game this will eventually become. Yes it has been a 3 year project so far and there has been several changes in developers working on it. But the reason we all stick around and keep trying it is because we all know the potential this has. That includes you with all your negative comments. You love it so much you can't leave it alone. Why else do you keep posting here ?
  10. You could have logged in and been playing on the PvP server for the last seven days. I don't think you really tried that hard to play.
  11. Never a better time to try the PvP server. Adventure awaits.
  12. I use 2 weight sails on mine. Not so slow afterall I can chase down Cogs no problem. This ship is meant to have weight sails. Large if your blueprint allows it. You need to reduce your total weight to approx 30 percent to be the fastest turtle in the sea. Also this thing handles pretty decent when sails are turned opposite to the wind and half throttle I can do doughnuts in the water.
  13. PvP has problems too. People are crossing grids and when they get to other side are no longer in their company. Even solo players... At least we can log in but it is at the risk of losing everything too.
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