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  1. Have to wait to doublecheck, reinstalling now. 14GB/32GB so far with 10minutes left. I think it said 15.6 though.
  2. Many of us in my company, and I have seen people saying in discord that we're all stuck now on the loading screen on PrimalGameData Have tried 1) Exiting and Reloading Atlas 2) Restarting Steam 3) Verifying Files 4) Direct Connecting with Last Connected IP Edit:: 5) Connecting with Server List This has now turned into "Pending Connection Failed" 6) Currently reinstalling game. After Reinstall, Version is 15.6 Rev 107328 Pending Connection Failed Persists. EDIT::: Patch 15.63 I can now connect, and I have my character. Edit::: Patch 15.65 Pending Connection Failed is happening again.
  3. We've had numerous people that while connecting, timed out, and at the same time they were suddenly removed from our company. Upon relog the create new character screen came up. They're still there, but can't find their character, their claims are still active and buildings, but no longer in the company.
  4. NovaEcl1pse

    Compagny BUG

    this is still an issue, please fix!
  5. NovaEcl1pse

    Compagny BUG

    same!! please fix, we've lost like 9 members from the list because it kicked them.
  6. Nope, it's just gone. the spawn was a trap.
  7. I just logged in after getting timed out on Krakens Maw. This was my ship. After I died and respawned, my ship was no longer showing on my map. Edit: The icon reappeared, way further north, but spawning on the beds puts me in the middle of the water by nothing.
  8. I spawned into my ship now, and the ship is completely built backwards. lol.
  9. Validating integrity, restarting steam, restarting client, and uninstalling/reinstalling does not fix.
  10. Yeah, one of my company is able to connect to the same area I've been trying to, but i just get timed out/cannot fetch.
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