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  1. Hi Devs, Your game is dieing, and it's all your fault. Here is 1 tip that will get u back on track! Stop developing new content and focus on fixing the problems the game still has! There is no need to bring in a new update (therefor new problems) while the problems from last updates have not been fixed yet! All you do is wipe, wipe and wipe. Every wipe u have fewer players playing your game. DO u have shit for brains? FIX your problems befor u bring in a new major update. USE YOUR FUCKING BRAINS.
  2. 30 hours later, A3 still offline. No communication from the Devs yet. Tickets are unanswered. Applaus appllauussss
  3. Holyfuckk A3 still offline? Its the only Region that is offline. Where are the Devs with explanations? They seem incapable of cummunications.
  4. Hi, 1-2 weeks ago, all of the A1 - A6 regions were offline for 48 + hours. While the rest of the community were able to play, people that were logged off in the regions A, couldnt. This resulted in bases beiing raided of people that couldnt logg on. Today A3 is offline AGAIN?! Why? Cant find any explanation. Do Devs even give a fuck about their player base? Or do they want more people to stop playing this game?
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