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  1. It already told you the problem in the first line of the error prompt. "GetOrCreateSubscriberConnection()" You either started the server without redis running, or it's trying to use bad credentials for redis. Check your redis.conf for the password, NOT the master-password. You can set it here. If you're using ASC to launch the database edit the file in the ("ASC"\AtlasTools\RedisDatabase) directory and if you want, for fluency, copy to atlasserver/AtlasTools dir afterwards. Oops, Just noticed this is an extremely old post. Posting reply still to help anyone looking for the information and maybe revive this forum...
  2. From my experience setting one up I would say check your ServerGrid.ServerOnly.json and make sure that the db entries are present and that you have the password correct. I had that issue from my first map generation because the map editor didn't export the file populated. I had to export it a second time to get it to populate.
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