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  1. Yeah they are pretty much done. The summer update is now going to be a spring update and it is going to be a bad one. Some decorations, spikes and riding a spider. theu will also probably change the map and do another wipe so I wouldn’t bother playing right now because it will be gone soon anyways. player counts are at an all time low and every wipe, omegle website even though it brings people back that number keeps getting smaller and the decrease keeps getting bigger. chat roulette so yeah, even though they aren’t technically done , they are done. Moi prochaine restat du jeux j arrête j en ai mare de recommence à zéro chaque fois
  2. Today we claimed an abandoned base on our server that had a better location than ours. A lady started screaming on global how we were holding her pet hostage and wouldn't let her have it. I mean blowing up chat big time. We are xbox players and can't respond in chat to my knowledge. omegle I tried with emotes to convey that I would open the doors when the claim went final and I did just that. She was still going off in chat trying to make us look like thieves and bad people. Not appreciated. If you are riding around in a galleon sweeping up claimable pets, you should at least have enough basic game knowledge to know that just because we dropped towers doesn't mean we can instantly open the doors. Go all psycho on someone else lady!
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