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  1. Man I logged in and started grinding, was very happy with the resources you get without a tame. So much less grindy. Started to build a schooner and realized it costs 5k gold. Haven't logged in since. I was so sad to see that, because I know I'm not the only one now who reinstalled and saw that and never came back. 5k on a gally or specialized boat is far more appropriate. Or just make the gold sink cosmetics and maintenance. But for a sailing game for a basic ship... come on guys nobody has fun in a sloop until late game doing harbor runs. Everybody knows this. Other than that, game mechanics feel a bit better and the farm rate is so much more appropriate. Losing stuff shouldn't end your experience because you're upset about your time investment so I feel it's pretty solid where it's at right now. The gold thing though... you're soft capping people so hard with that. The schooner is the first boat you get that FEELS like you're a captain. Dont rob new players or returning players of that. Especially when the game so desperately needs them.
  2. See, I disagree. You're not wrong about the game having it's issues, but the devs gave me a game that I played more than any other game in my entire life. I'm reinstalling the game right now, going to try and get some of my old buddies back on. Hopefully one day they'll invest more into its development. I heard they added seasons which was something I always thought would be a great idea. Wipe every 3-4 months and have a new theme for each season. Maybe make things a little less grindy and require less time investment for people with jobs. I think that could reignite some interest. I would say market the seasons as a feature - I always love it when everyone starts with a blank slate. Either way, I've always loved this game.
  3. Started getting the itch to play again and decided to check out the forums. My god this is depressing. How can we resurrect this game? To this day, I have never had as much fun playing a game as I had playing Atlas. Like legit emotional responses when I see old screen shots and stuff. It was the people that made it so much fun, man we gotta figure this out. Somebody go win the lotto and fund these people Season 1 - Rum Guzzlers Season 2 - Pirate Law man good times
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