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  1. So I didn't get it. Will the wipe be for the PTR servers or for the main ones ?! What a hack is going on?!
  2. Increased defense, damage and rate of fire for Defense Tavers at control points made it even possible for these towers to craft them according to blueprints ... But still did not understand what a bicycle with triangular wheels is doing, no matter how you craft and improve these towers, you can to destroy even with a schooner with big guns, despite the fact that these mega-worn towers will never reach her! That's what it means when developers have autism - they just don't know the mechanics of the game they are making! You have added platforms for crabs on which you can place a large cannon ... reduced the height at which you can place a Puckle, thereby rendering ground PvP because a large cannon standing at an angle can get where you can no longer place a Puckle. But this is still the tip of the iceberg, you made it so that the buildings even the same pillar base, you can wipe from the water ... Trying to impose naval PvP you made the land useless ... Devs do you know the PvP mechanics of your own game for sure? !! You realize that the damage on the ship can be pumped no matter what percentage of dmg the guns have, all this is all the more summed up in the end ... You cannot pump damage with buildings on the ground ... This makes the ground absolutely, catastrophically, with the current balance - useless !!!
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