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  1. Sadie - Copper can be found throughout the "6" regions. I typically head to F6 and G6 for some.
  2. Sadie - I did it the same way you did at first, then I took a week and looked only for a place I could put down gathering buildings and a market before I settled in. Took some time but finally found a spot.
  3. Are there any spots on any islands where I could setup shop as a fairly new player? I have been searching for days and can't find anywhere where I can setup a warehouse and attach a single farmhouse or quary. Thanks in advance!
  4. Ritual, does it take awhile to load the single player? For some reason on the loading screen it makes it to the bar that says "ocean" but doesn't go any further for me. I waited 45 mins the other day and never loaded. I delete the save file and it loads right up but at the point I have obviously lost all progress. Then it is rinse and repeat.
  5. Has anyone been able to keep a single player save file for more than a day on Xbox? It literally gets corrupted and won't load everyday causing me to delete and start over.
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