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  1. I think they said xbox cant install the update or something pc is already online and seems like no one will answer our questions on if they are fixing it and how long it will take.
  2. I also had this happen 2 -3 days ago but I didnt fast travel to the bed I had just left the day before to run TM and I checked log because I lost a bear to find my warehouse and all of my base was gone on the official pve server. Lost all my BP, materials, weapons, gear, everything. So I went up to the claim towers and it says not within territory claim will rapidly decay so I believe it is the claim towers that are bugged. I also noticed that claim towers will sometimes overlap with other people's territory making it to where when I could build somewhere before I can not build because it says enemy territory although I am in my territory where my claim and someone else's meet. Now xbox players cant even log in to play the game because of the new update I think Atlas needs to work a little bit harder and review a little bit more before releasing a patch when the last patch was never fully fixed!!! Base decayed in J7 south island on official pve. I spent 3days 2 nights no sleep putting that base together and getting all the resources together to do build it... VERY DISAPPOINTED AND AGGRAVATED!!!
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