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  1. Hello, So, simple problem, but i don't know the solution, hoping some of you know what im doing wrong here. Sail design, done with atlas paint converter + Photoshop, import the file, its supposed to look crisp, when applied, looks faded with like a "tint across" Sails are blank, fully erased, no color at time of applying the design - how do i stop the fade and have it apply with the full color density?
  2. The issue is - even when they do run a sale, which is cool this is what happens, If a person joins the game, that does not have any pre-existing connections in the game, the experience is un-rewarding, If they are new, its tough to negotiate your way into the larger companies, not even necessarily mega;s, just dozen man companies so they don't even go into it for that mindset, They play for a weekend, maybe a week or so, might have otherwise loved the game, but leave. What i have found, is that when you band together as a few people, even just a few, the game is much more enjoyable, you want to stick around, there is banter, there is legitimate "fun" to be had, but as a new individual coming in, if you don't know anyone, feels very alienating. Now for those with a passion for the genre, they may stick around, and in time meet people, but for others, not so into the golden age of piracy as some of us are here, they just leave, get bored. Some people are very timid, i recall, one or two seasons ago, long story, but i ended up on a sloop with a bunch of new people from freeport, they literally had ramshackle, but after server wipe, they were like "were not coming back dont want to level up again" We have to make things appealing out of the gates, so that people want to stick around, without having to worry about the timesink of politics, or meeting people.
  3. Logical to me Nocona is that they would focus on bug fixing, and exploit elimination first. - i appreciate they are a smaller team, but if they were committed to stabilizing the project, i don't think anyone would complain, stable is good - i would rather that then a hype on a new ship (Which might be fun) but only serves to bring new people into the game, that leave, due to poor experience for bugs, stability, play-ability, exploit etc - which are all coding issues. Seems simple logic to me, spend some time tidying up the code, everyone would appreciate it.
  4. Practically, at this point, i think focus should be on bug fixes, balancing and anti exploit before additional content. Some seasons ago, i did not mind, understand the pace, but i feel it would be wise to give the product a more solid foundation, particularly, if we want player base to increase. If not a team wide project, i would like to see a specific person at the team, who's focus was, simply, bugs, balancing and catching exploitation. I have heard many of the current "mega's" openly discuss how they are duplicating gold, and other items - Black Hole were penalized for this (and rightly so) why not others? I may be new to the forums, but i have been around since the beginning of this title, to begin with, i understood the push forward, but i feel at this point, before content, first and foremost, must be doing a bit of house cleaning, iron out the bugs, get things balanced, do our best to minimize exploits, improve player stability through optimization of code / rendering, which i feel will bring a better player experience for both PVP and PVE players. The development team, often talk about massive fleet ocean battles, im sure there are many of us here, on reasonable spec PC's that can attest to while that is fine in theory, the more ships, the more lag, the less play ability - now perhaps, that is a bottleneck that will be solved as PC hardware progresses itself, but, that doesn't really help the product in its current state. This is not a slight, i love to see the developers brainstorming new content, as i am sure we all do, whether we agree with it or not, but personally, i think we need stability in the title first, a player shouldn't have to worry "am i going to DC as i cross a border" or am i going to "glitch out" climbing up a ladder, you know, just the other day, i went to climb up the ladder on the back of one of my ships, it glitched, stuck underwater, could not do anything but die, but when i did die, it was just a graphic of the body there in climb motion, and no way to retrieve the contents of the corpse - now fortunately, i was not carrying anything other than Armour and tools at the time, but what if i had been carrying gold? or blueprints? These things need to be addressed. We need to see committed, dedicated support, to this side of the project, there is a lot of negative commentary about Atlas, "the failed project that could have been amazing" by both those who used to play it, and those that still do, but i don't for one minute think the problem is not fixable, it just requires commitment to key areas, and first and foremost to any software, be it a game, or application, is stability and usability.
  5. Sometimes, its the banter that make often un-eventful situations amusing. Be warned, NSFW contains profanity. The Whale Hunting FAIL The Whale Hunting REVENGE The Red Horse Atlas - My Phones on Charge End of Atlas - Season 4 End of Atlas - Season 2 The Early Days - Discussing Recruitment
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