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  1. At 2:00 CT we got the normal warning of server reboot. 3 hours later I cannot get in and the PVE server "Whales Solitude" is missing from the official server list. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Diamonds come as swag when trades occur with market. I have not seen the other resources either. I've seen legendary carbines for sale in player shops so I assume someone else found them but I have not. I'll be watching this post as well.
  3. It can take a while to start working. For my first time it was several hours.
  4. Any time I pull into my base, which is quite built up, i get this problem. I hit "Z" and the sails start to go down then pop back up. I would end up crashing. I found hold "S" instead it works better. My guess is that trying to load ALL that meta data about my base is causing localized network lag. The program may give priority to incoming data over outgoing data.
  5. I'd like to call out that the circle trades are working the best for me. Softwood goes out wetwood comes back. Same trading partner then sends softwood to get wetwood. I wish more people could have trades defined like this. Of course some to get what you need, but these circle trades are pure gold (pun intended).
  6. I'm on the official PVE D10 and trying to breed sheep. Correct biome and temp. The sheep gets pregnant but at the time of birth no baby appears. Bears work, just not sheep. Bug or user error?
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