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  1. Ahoy, sailors! Abandon the game! As soon as we abandon this ship as soon they will finally sink it or fix! #AbandonTheShip #AtlasStrike
  2. yeah, delete this spiders crap and modular ships! Work with basics! Basebuilding, optimisation, graphics, INTERESTING PVE content.
  3. Found a fix for myself (PC) : 1. Reinstall your steam. Don't forget to fully shut it down before uninstall. You should'nt delete your games folder. 2. Reinstall battleye if steam reinstall didn't help. -> To do this you need to download Unturned to get the battleye uninstall tool. Then use Uninstall Battleye.bat and delete the battleye folder at atlas and unturned folders, then go to C/Program Filesx86/Common Files and delete the battleye folder and Atlasgame_BE. Reboot your pc after that and then go to atlas and unturned properties and check for game integrity. Then you need to go to unturned folder and use Battleye install.bat and then you need to lauch ATLAS or Unturned and agree with terms of use. Now your anticheat is reinstalled. 3.Delete user settings files, localization files, and then check your files integrity.
  4. no, they're just build some defences lol
  6. dude if you don't like everything in game just don't play it, gtfo, really, nobody likes you!
  7. Giraffes looks like they can break galleons with their huge powerful legs. By the way, hogs are pretty much useless, theyre almost not dealing damage, but maybe they're using for anything else, i'm not sure.
  8. Dude if you're suck in game you should improve not game nerf. The whole forum tired from your bullshit so please gtfo from here or from atlas ffs
  9. Lvl 2 bear harvests 700 beries from tree with 1 hit.
  10. Respect other players, no imperative criticism is needed here. I understand that such changes require a systematic and multilateral approach, the fact that I described the topic in a nutshell, and of course did not disclose the topic does not give you the right to offend me.
  11. Hi, in real life, ships can be pulled out of the depths, repaired and returned to service. Please add the ability to recover sunked ships from the shallow water, and probably the endgame ability to recover ships from the deep water.
  12. People builds the crazy fortnite towers while raiding, this makes most of defences useless! Please fix it already!
  13. Throw it overboard, drag it under the keel! SHOOT!
  14. Do it, can't see this mental illness person posts.
  15. Last update was great! Good job guys, thank you for supporting the game. Please focus on stability, optimisation and bug fixes. Online will grow - trust me.
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