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  1. They mentioned that they'll work more on the PvE gameplay in the future. Can't do ship weights or item stacking now.... both of those would be welcome for all unofficial servers. You can do this already with a combination of difficultyoverride and island settings.
  2. When can we get the devkit updated? It hasn't been touched since last October and is missing many, many updates since the update that made cats availble. Now, with the Int32 mod id issue (Ark just resolved it), no new mods can be created and used on unofficial servers. So, it's really broken now for any new mod development. When can you fix custom mapping in the devkit and unofficial server? It just doesn't work. Some have tried to do part of the work in Ark and port it over but nearly everyone struggles with getting it to load into a custom map. Even the example map extension isn't even in the kit anymore. Just an empty folder. Are there any plans to improve communication with the modding community? If so, what can we expect? Are there any plans to offer a sponsored mod program similar to Ark? Are there any plans to improve communication with the unofficial server admin community? A significant % of active and loyal Atlas players in the community spend their time on unofficial servers. It's been more than official in the past 6 months. If so, what can we expect?
  3. Read the first page.... like this one:
  4. All companies shift their employees around to cover priorities. I'm sure there were some Ark employees working the Atlas XBox integration last year, which most likely caused delays for Genesis. They'll return back to Atlas after Genesis development slows down again. IF you're bored on official, there are plenty of unofficial servers running mods that improve the game in various ways. There are servers with different settings and mods that you should be able to find one that fits you. IF you try a very popular unofficial server and it feels too OP or P2W, try a smaller server, many of those are not OP or P2W, just lacking players willing to brave a lower pop server just starting out. Don't always trust a server that states they're not P2W either, do your research and look at how quickly players can buy mythical. The knee jerk reaction of trying to destroy a game with "Fraud" and negative posts because you don't enjoy it anymore, is just super salty. If you're not happy, just stop playing and move on to another game that you can enjoy. You should also ignore all EA games, since you clearly can't handle their development cycles. This is the time when players should be supporting unofficial servers and modders for adding to the game experience while the developers have gone dark.
  5. Everything from rcon is showing up only on the global chat tab, not the all tab. If you switch to the global tab, you'll see the messages. Same for the messages when using commands from showmyadminmanager.
  6. I disagree with this. Many unofficial servers are running on way better dedicated hardware, which can handle far more than what official is handling. It simply then becomes a balance on how much the players can handle on the client side with the hardware they're using. Devs are tuning for their lowest denominator, which may not be the case for unofficial servers. There are mods that are exposing settings like the ones mentioned for admins to set how they work best on their server. The OP is just requesting that the devs just do this with the vanilla game. If an admin crashes their server because they set these values too high, they can adjust them down. It will be the admin's responsibility at that point, not GS.
  7. Keep reading: "we'll be able to deploy an additional NA PvE network in a couple of weeks time"
  8. It's no longer necessary since the FoY is at every powerstone location now.
  9. Want to know more? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jYPzsXovJioAS-U3tG_cpBlBU-xL_oWN9T83EAYEeDQ/edit?usp=sharing
  10. We also have a spreadsheet now with the cycle and auto updates which one is next. Additionally, we have resource spreadsheet too.
  11. Yes, I've experienced this and you can see in the video the behavior of the bear. He had it on follow, then used the command to send it to the ship and it immediately attempted to leave it (you'll see that it's still on follow as it clips through the decks before being lost forever). I've reproduced this multiple times (mostly by accident)... however, was fortunate to not lose a tame. Probably because I mostly use schooners and this seems to be more isolated to Brigs+ because of the multiple decks. Go ahead and test it... tame on follow, use the command, it'll attempt to get right off the boat. It is safer to just have them follow you into the boat and avoid using the command until resolved, or if you need to (e.g. getting it unstuck).
  12. IMO, the glitch is cuz you had the bear on follow. Take your tames off follow if using that command, otherwise they get on the ship and immediately attempt to follow off of it.
  13. You have no doors on your windows... and I doubt they're going to disallow going through windows since it's a PvP tactic. Replace the windows with walls or get doors on them.
  14. This is a serious exploit. It appears that claim protection is only 3 hours after placing the claim flag and then it's vulnerable to anyone to drop a flag to contest it. We've lost 2 claim flags, regained 1, and currently waiting for the 3 hour timer to expire . However, we most likely lost most everything in our storage. More importantly, we've lost complete trust in the claim system since anyone can flip our flag at any time.
  15. L12 is not allowing players to join it after switching home to it. Have hot had issues switching home to other servers before. Now, unable to join that server or create a new character. A restart should at least allow us to spawn there and switch out to somewhere else.
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