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  1. Well, I wasn't speaking of all the tames. The existence of tames on the lawless and claimed islands are fine generally speaking, though they'd need to organize them by biomes to keep it coherent (like, no cobras in polar regions). I was speaking of suppressing the dinos, which were extinct long before the appearance of homo sapiens, and the animals in the power stone islands. To me, having a lion inhabiting peacefully next to wolves and medusas, snakes... and going berserk only to players, makes no sense. It'd be more insteresting to have real pirate cities in the power stone islands instead, plus, why not, 1 power stone island gathering the mythical creatures.
  2. Hello. Here are some ideas for the devs, from our alliance (5 enterprises playing together). Please only answer if you have some constructive comments or ideas to share. No hate or rude comments, let's keep it positive for the community. 1) Please suppress the dinosaurs of this game, their very existence makes no sense in a game of pirates. Atlas can be more than a pale copy of Ark. 2) It'd be nice to differentiate players' transport ships and players' war ships (example: in the shipyard, you'd have the choice between two skeletons for a galleon, one giving your ship more weight default stat, the other more resistance default stat, when it's released from the shipyard) 3) Please add larger sails on the galleon, and reformat the sails module on it (3 very large sails instead of 6, so it'd be easier to board the big tamed animals like crabs, giraffes, elephants, rhino...) 4) Please remove the animals from the power stone islands, and replace them by actual neutral or aggressive pirate towns (like on the solo server). 5) Along with the idea just before, please add a simple quest to unlock the power stones: >> Example for neutral towns: Talk to a NPC pirate within the neutral pirate town (example: each NPC small talks about the Atlas universe with the player, which could give some contents to the storyline of the game, until you find the right NPC that enables you to unlock a power stone) OR kill 1 player on that island to unlock the power stone (just imagine how fun it'd be to hide within a pirate town to kill other players) >> Example for aggressive towns: Kill 10 NPC pirates within the aggressive pirate town, it triggers the surrender of their captain which unlocks a power stone, OR kill 1 player to unlock it 6) As for the hydra, you can keep it with the mythical creatures (Medusa, cyclops...) on 1 island. Delete all the other irrelevant animals and creatures. Their purpose will be like now, to farm mythos for the submarine and mythical crafts (exemple : Hydra 2000 mythos, cyclop 5 mythos, Medusa 1 mythos...). 7) Please replace the ships of the damned by actual pirate ships that can be attacked and boarded (like on the solo server). I get it, Pirates of the Carribbean was a good film. But in Atlas, unless you add some storyline to the ships of the damned, their existence makes no sense. 8) Please keep it coherent when you place animals and resources within the biomes (no snakes / scorpions / lions / tigers ... in temperate and cold biomes!). Plus if you change the way to move within the game like announced in the last patchnote, people can just sail to get the resources and tames they are missing in their biomes (teleportation from a biome to an other instead of 1 big map?) 9) Why not make it mandatory to get some resources in the sea only? It'd increase the time we spend sailing instead of just playing on land. It'd also be increasing the difficulty to craft mythical items. 10) Please add a timer to the claim towers. 11) Instead of parting the PvE/PvP servers, make it possible to travel from one to the other. To prevent from massive farming in PvE before going to PvP, the navigation between the two servers would only be possible by sloop, and the blueprints from PvE would disappear when you cross to go to PvP. And to encourage the PvE players to play now and then in PvP, why not give a permanent EXP x2 in PvP, EXP x 1 in PvE?
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