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  1. Well the Devs need to let everyone know these things in the patch notes,not everyone uses discord
  2. This wipe is very unfair to all of your Xbox players,while we cannot get online at all the PC players are taking all of the claimable islands and leaving us nothing. Do you care about your Xbox fan base at all? When you resolve the Xbox server issue please reset your servers/do another wipe. You would make the game better for everyone if you removed the island claiming system and made extra servers that are non crossplay for players that would prefer to just play with others on there specific platforms
  3. Atlas is broken on Xbox,every time I try to log in it says Network Failure Message, Outgoing reliable buffer overflow. Because of this I have not been able to play atlas for 11 hours. I play on the PVE server, please fix your game..
  4. The same issue has been happening on the pve server for the past 10 hours now,Devs please read this post and fix your game, If PC and Xbox were seperated ,Xbox players wouldn't need to put up with hackers anymore and the servers would run alot better for your Xbox community
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