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  1. Attention Atlas Developers. I am a PVE player and I used to play Atlas a bit (~1,150 hours). I coaxed about 10 of my fellow PVE gamer friends to get the game and some of them have many hours as well. I was practically the games biggest fan. The ability to build a ship and have deep customization options, the ability to practically explore a world, a rewarding blueprint system, tames, land building, etc. It was the perfect game for survival PVE with a pirate theme. No other game pirate themed game comes close. But all of my Atlas playing friends and myself, have pretty much rage quit the game for a handful of reasons. Reasons include game-breaking bugs PVE-game breaking choices that you've made. A few of these are: Losing spawn locations in the Ocean map, charging gold for ships, Warehouse/Farmhouse turning invisible, Blackwood map problems including falling through water like it was air, dying from heat waves even though you are submersed in water. There are mods that attempt to fix these problems, but Atlas crashes with mods loaded for a variety of reasons. Many PVE players are in this boat, and I think you can see that in the steam concurrent players charts. Weekend play is less than 3k concurrent players at any point in time - The lowest its ever been. You're "vision" is killing the game - slowly. Your numbers are supposed to be going up during early access, not down. I don't think you can neglect the PVE crowd. It is in your best interest to bring PVE back. There was a time when Atlas had adequate content for PVE and would work enough to have fun. We found bug work-arounds, we lived in cold areas, we knew when the ladders were not going to work, we new the areas in Blackwood that would cause problems and stayed out of them, we added mods to allow submarine use on Blackwood. But then, your updates beginning in late 2020 started to introduce more problems, so much so, that it was impossible to have fun. I don't usually write to developers like this because usually i don't care enough about a game. But this game has the ingredients to be one of the best PVE games ever and i had to speak up. Hopefully you are listening. stevek
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