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  1. They "support" the loan wolves - right and I am the pope
  2. It is truly sad where this game has gone and how much disdain the developers show for PvE players. Do they even stop to think of who might be playing PvE and enjoying the game. I have kids and we play on PvE to avoid getting our base and tames wiped by over powered companies before we can even get a start in the game. If you are a small or solo company then PvP is nearly impossible and more for those who like to flog themselves to sleep at night. PvE WAS fun until they started wiping servers on a regular basis, what is the point of playing and building up, breeding, and general character development if the devs are going to come along and wipe it all whenever they feel the need. Would love to PvP in this game but again if you are not in a large company you might as well quit before you start it's not worth it and devs could care less about player experience, we are all just test monkeys for them.
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