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  1. When I think about how this helps me play all I can see is it could save me a little time taming. That's good but definitely not great. Barely useful. Seems to be some serious issues in the game regarding these new ships. But as I sit here in the menu watching the atlas spin around on the game menu screen I wonder to myself WHY THE BLOODY HELL IS THE SPINNING ALTAS NOT EVEN SPINNING SMOOTHLY!!! I'm a faithful burnt player most days but cmon. Tip if your trying to draw some people back. One look at that stuttering on the menu and NUH!
  2. Fortune favors the bold. Well done too the developers. They made a huge step towards fixing the game here. Whether intended or not. I noticed something was working better in the first minute. It still has all the problems don't get me wrong. So far on pve not going to bad with the changes. I lost alot of bases so I went out and gained alot of other people's bases. Still plenty of land to go around. Each company can only use so many towers in the whole game. Can't protect everything. So there's alot of farms up for grabs now I guess. Has balanced the game but strained it a little. Hard to explain. It seems more stable but lags more? I think this may be a big game fixer. It will destroy majority of the junk people build. To confirm earlier comment with my observations. The towers are not claiming boats in any way whatsoever that I've seen. Don't see many armored docks in lawless though. I will admit I came out on top 160k gold. I feel like a pirate for the first time since this game came out ironically.
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