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  1. Davy Jones Locker Website Davy Jones Locker Discord Davy Jones Locker is a new 4x4 map wiped today, on 1/24!! We feature the following: - Working Powerstones - Custom 4x4 - Custom In-game map - Working Kraken with own dedicated grid - All working quests/explorer notes - Max character level 200/max ship level 150 - 10x-15x boost like gathering, etc - 100% uptime - Dedicated support/admin team - 6 hour combat timers - All resources located in the game - Great donation system Come join a fresh new server thats clean, wiped, and ready to go! We currently have no mega tribes within our server, the sky is the limit! Davy Jones Locker will be looking to constantly evolve its server as time goes on, to keep the Atlas server fresh. We hope to expand the server into a larger grid once it comes time to do so. Our admins are online throughout the entirety of the day. We look forward to seeing you and building the server w/ us!
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