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  1. That would be actually good idea, i mentioned that once. They have could made 3 factions [marines, pirates, pirate hunters] and then those globall buffs and maybe special faction perks would have some sense
  2. You misundesrtood me here, i never wanted to have same resources as big companies because beside farms they have lots of players that can farm, you will not beat that with 2-5 ppl if they have 50 but if we have exactly same island and you can fit there maximum 10 farms, i want have 10 farms and want them to have 10 farms as well, but they have 40 because they stacked. It is rather very hard to steal from someones farm at their island, once - defences, two - transporting it to your base. So my point was, if they fixed multistacking they should also clear all the farms so people will have to replace them without stacking. There is basically no point in the game that you will not need resources unless you are pve player and small companies will be under attack every day so they gonna loose everything.
  3. Alright, that make sense but still they should do something like removing quality ships at all so we can start using modular and "test" them if you know what i mean, or still give us blueprint on them so we can actually use it and test, so people will not be angry after you remove ship that you're mastered to sail with to give you a new never sailed ones instead. Also, modular ships will not really affect servers because you still have a lot of structures on each island at the grid and those are most problematic. In my opinion they should make some large pieces for defences like large walls but with greatly high hp (equalls to amount of small ones you would need to use to cover same area), so people would stop using the small pieces. Now you have large walls/large foundations but why you have to use them if you can have thousand small ones and they provide better defense? You have only a bit smaller HP but enemy need to destroy more of them to get through it so atm large pieces are worthless. Still they should work first on fixing game before adding content because that is one thing that keep players away from atlas and at some point they will have no need to give more content because they will have no players. When i see large companies that have stacked 2,3,4+ farms at once on their island, how am i supposed to compete with them? They gater more resources just from one place than i from all my farms, and they have multiple places covered with stacked farm all around island. You can say that they fixed stacking farms/towers etc. and i can agree with that, but did they removed existing ones? No. So still biggest comapnies have them and make 100x more resources than others.
  4. Also that global buff will boost biggest companies/alliances even more. You should focus on smaller companies. That kind of buff works only if you have fractions in game, because with fractions it stay balanced, all people are included in buff. If you want add that kind of contet you could also make 3 fractions, pirates, navy, pirate hunters but then it will start slowly more looks like mmorpg and no open sandbox.
  5. New content is always welcome, but at first you should focus on fixing existing bugs Game is really broken and instead of that you add more and more new stuff, for example you added new towers for defence/attack/speed and i already saw even 5 and more at one seafort. You should really stop adding new stuff, you can announce them so people will know where do you want to go in the future, but don't add them yet, just focus on fixing existing problems and then slowly move on otherwise at some point you will have that many bugs/problems that it will be almost impossible to fix. You want add another modular ships but how they gonna compete with blueprint qualitty non modular ships ? At this moment nobody is using new modular ships, because they have no chance against mythical ships or any other that are better quality than common. If you already added them you should also allow us to have an blueprint quality on them otherwise it's just wasting gold and time spend on it. How do you want Atlas to become known for large, collaborative fleet battles? Atlas fleet battles are already broken, there is no tactics since you have 250 ping when you have 80 people on the grid. You can have maxim 150 players on the grid and that will only increase lags so you should work on your server first to improve lower ping and less lags. Adding even more ships will not improve any tactics, it will stay the same. People will stay away from each other and use their range for shooting, there is no other option or tactic to provide because it is impossible to make it happen with such a high ping/lags. Like i said above, it is nice to know future content and where the game is going on but please, first focus on fixing problems then go add more stuff and not the other way around.
  6. With barrel bombs (even shot from catapults) still dictating the "meta game," is there a plan to remove them from ship combat totally? We are working on new ways for players to counter dominant strategies in ship combat. We recognize that ship combat is not in a good place right now and are focused on the long term health of the game. Look out for new defensive modules when we expand the module crafting system in the next major patch. This is not even an answer! "- Will you remove barrel?" "- Well, we know there is problems with barrels but hey! check out our new module system for ships that nobody is using!" The barrel overpowered problem in sea fights is serious problem, people don't wanna sail anywere around because they can get oneshoted and lost theirs ship that they were hard working on it. No sailing equeals no pve fun like bosses, caves, maps, sunken treasures etc. so the only thing that's left is sitting on one island and play really boring game. Question is why don't then everybody use barrels? They want, they try, but not everybody is great captain, and 30 second fights are not fun at all especially if you were sailing an HOUR to get to the place! Seriously, avoiding problems like that is not a solution or saying "we will try to work on it" This is really super simple task and would take you no time to fix that so i don't understand why you still can't fix it for such a long period of time! This is just ridiculus. If you don't want remove them, don't want spend time to work on them simply reduce dmg by 50%+ for ships. That's it.
  7. 1. Armored docks need to be removed from the game Nope, nope, nope. They are giving us great oportunity for stopping people from harbour runs. They are also easy to destroy, i for example destroyed small and large dock at the same day with 2 ships and 3 ppl so you can't say you need big company to do that in order to get all gold from inside them or take their ship down. 2. puckle npc's need to be vulnerable - Don't agree These are practically basic defense of your base and taking them too easy will cause more fight on the land that we don't want. We want more sea fights. You can use just one cannon to overrange them and take them down easily. 3. Gold cost for self crafted ships needs to be removed - Don't agree Not agree, it is good like it is. It prevents big companies from having hundreds of galleons. Big companies still will have more gold than smaller ones but also they will have more peoples so they will able to handle more ships at once. If you have small company with 6 people you don't need 10 galleons and gold costs will keep you on the sea for treasures, whaling etc. 4. No gun mini game - Don't agree You just like complaining, don't you? 5. HP of shipyards needs to be lowered They are super easy to destroy. Totaly not agree 6. Lighthouses are too cheap So what? Theirs only purpose is to show you the way or warn you if you're getting close to island during fog time. Leave them in peace 7. mortars on ships need to be allowed to counter mortars on land Definitely not. Are you mad? even if you would have them you will never counter mortars on tower 20 walls high. 8. ships should be insta captured if beds are destroyed, and ship is decrewed Here you got point for the first time, but insta captured? Nope, i would rather greatly decreas capturing time from 1-2 days to lets say 5 hours and 12 hours when fully anchored. If you would start claiming ship on the beach and you have 5 h timer and everybody is dead and ship would drop anchor, the timer should automatically increase till 12h so the owner can have time to fight back for it. In open sea you cannot anchor so 5h is enough (it could also be destroyed by SoD or whale) 9. structures must be capturable You just played too much rust my friend. It is not quick pvp, it is open mmo sandbox game, how would you feel going to work and cominb back every day just to see you lost everything you had. They develop similar system to the lawless which is complety absurd to me. I would rather enable to steal teritory which would highly increase decay time for every non company structure like for 4 days and 3 days for doors so you can actually loot it. So people could fight for teritory in order to defence theirs bases. 10. small characters should get a damage penalty, while super large ones get a damage buff Wow, i wouldn't think i ill agree in something with you. Here you are right, something for something. We need to have balanced options not just one sided benefits from choosing one option. 11. cannons need to be pick-up-able and be placable on enemy foundation to raid efficiently Well, they could be picupable but not placable on enemy's foundation, would rather allow to place them directly on the ground close to enemies foundation but also with 10 min timer. 12. fix that bug where after u use praying eyes u cant pull out ur weapons, and increase duration Yes, just report it as a bug and they will work on it. 13 .remove peace/combat phases Again i do not agree with that. We want keep people more on sea for sea fights, we all came here for pirates fights not ark 2.0 didn't we? 14.blueprints need to be removed Blueprints are bit overpowered if it comes to big companies so i can agree with that, add more stuff instead of blueprints and increase base stats of all stuff to be a little bit higher. Unless we can find solution to boost small companies to help them with crafting those blueprints. 15.aging/hair growth is way too fast atm Not agree, just deal with it. Next. 16.remove shaking earth effect caused by animals I guess you never checked your graphic options in menu, did you? 17. no more crew limits on ships Talking about unreality in game, want unlimited crew on ships. Totally not agree. Next. 18. remove all chores like treasure hunting, floatsam etc. from the game That's most pirate thing in game, treasures/floatsam/hunting, leave them alone. They could do special regions on each island for treasures where people can't build structures so everyone can do them. Still need to land on an islands and that's different story You don't like them, you don't have to do them, pick them up. 19. players shouldnt spawn on freeports, and freeport, there shouldnt be a safe zone That's exaclty where players should spawn, there is lot's of newcomers, they have to learn some basics about the game. Instead of that i would highly increase decoy time on every ship (in example, you can stay with any ship maximum 4 hours no matter if you're fixing planks or not, after that time, ship despawn, and of course give a proper info about it to every player) For animals instead allow us dmg them after 1 day of being in freeport. That should resolve problem with storagging all items in safe zones. What about shops? Allow only few per company with limited space in it 20. nerf barrels Maybe a little bit but mostly we need to remove catapults from ships or make the barrels not throwable by catapults on ships. You could still use them by manually throwing them at enemy ship but that applies only in very close distance 21. remove ships of the damned Do not agree, game without them will be super boring. 22. regarding animals I would only increase hp on lions/tigers a bit. Rest is good expect all the saddles that are coming with new patch. Saddles are supper shit and will brake the game especially with torpedoes on the land. Could say, welcome to ARK 2.0, no more pirate game. 23. nerf mace, shield stun, buff crossbow/bow/guns, nerf shield, nerf hook Mace is good, maybe increase bit crossbow dmg, guns are okay, hook is okay. Nerf shield bash cooldown, once someone start bash you, is super hard to run away, instead put ie. 10 sec on bash, same for power strike on pike and fists. 24. Handcuffs need to be removed or there needs to be a solution Tottaly not agree, it is very realistic, that is also one of the most piracy thing in game. Next. 25. Cannon balls fly too slow Yes! This is very annoying. Speed them up 26. after destroying a warehouse you should get all the loot inside, not a fraction You are getting basically all loot from it. You will not even able to carry it at once 27. bar shots need to be removed Nope. Barshots are good, leave them alone. 28. no character upgrades like HP etc. Are you serious? You want no gap and differences between people who spend thousands hours in game on leveling character and people who only started? Bullshit. Get real man 29 .player name join notification needs to be removed I agree on that 30. customizable zoom for ships needs to be added I agree on that 31. remove customizable ships I do not agree, mmo sandbox is all about customizable stuff. Would rather say work on performance but they're already doing it 32. increase ship weight capacity Not really capacity but increase amount on which weight penalty is applied from 30% to 50% 33. remove limits for alliances and company size No, no, no and again no. We don't want any supremacies in game that will make pvp into pve if you're with them or totaly anihilation if you're against. 34. handling sails get greatly outperformed by speed sails They are not. All of them have different purposes and they are doing good. I only wonder about weight sails, nobody is using them, they need to be reworked 35. wood/stone pillars's HP needs to be reduced Pillars spam is pain in arse. Enemy should not be able to build anything on your island expect cannons (placed on the ground) so pillars spam will not exist anymore and thanks to that performance of game will also increase. 36. remove ownership ???? In company setting you have option like "personal owner", that means that everything you build/own (ships,animals) is personal and if you leave company everything will leave with you (structures/ships/animals), you need to have proper settings set in your company dude 37. remove custom building Custom building is good, it gives you more posibilites but yes i would prefer ready structures. On one hand, performance is greater but on the other hand it's kinda boring because everything looks same (expect colors if you're able to paint stuff) and technically you know base of every single company. So i would rather put them togeather 38. allow saving ships (save + load) Yes! Allowing to save your ship projects would be very handy 39. Reduce a companies income based on their member number, increase crew cost for bigger clans Why would they punish people in bigger companies for playing togeather and having fun? Nobody want split players, it is rather a goal to get great communieties than lonely wolves. They can work on boosting small companies not punishing bigger.
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