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  1. I agree with you 100% brothaman. And yea this may be a pc game. I understand that this came out for pc first. But its on xbox now. Them pc gamers can say whay ever they want to. My point is if its now out for xbox. It should be a server for only xbox period. Them pc gamers are having the time of their lives on this game griffing the ones who are having the connection issues and like you said lack of hardware....... DEVS please think about what us xbox players are repeating to you over and over again. I bet my right nut that more players will play this game if finally listen.
  2. We need to start a peation for this game. Xbox players get thier own servers
  3. For real i agree with everything he just said
  4. When is the krakens grasp server coming back online
  5. Im waiting on an feed back myself. Dying to hop back on
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