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  1. Am I the only one who thinks dolphins are useless?
  2. So I was thinking about it the other day, (literally when I tried to buy crew from the vender and was only able to purchase one for my galleon), why can't we wonder freeports and other in game cities and choose which npc crew members we want and tame them in a similar way we tame wild creatures with a 5g purchase that way? Wouldn't it be easier or more authentic to purchase their services the any sea captain would? It could even be regulated. I'm just tired of same ol same ol with crew members. Just a thought, so don't bite my head off.
  3. I was explaining a situation where one may want to do it. This is a public forum. Or did you forget that?
  4. Is this like some kind of contest to you?
  5. Wow dude. Its always nice to see a keyboard warrior comment back on someone else's post then them to piss off. I wasn't trying to convince you of anything. You can do whatever cranks your tractor buddy. My post was obviously not for people like you.
  6. @ranger1k You said that already. And I don't blame you. And I'm not sure how much good it would do for this go around, but I would want another option for future cases of this. Especially in a pvp situation where pc is working but not xbox. Obviously they should just shut down the servers until they fix the xbox logins. Obviously they should be more transparent about what is going on. Obviously they should take bug reports more seriously. But none of that is happening right now. So if you have a better option I'm all ears.
  7. Normally I wouldn't either, but I can only imagine the open season on pvp xbox users going on right now. Just throwing out options since the devs don't seem to give a damn right now.
  8. If you can, atlas is five dollars on steam, I just made alt account.
  9. If you can, I just made an alt account on steam. The game is like five dollars right now.
  10. I just made an alt account on steam. Gonna try this for a bit. Edit: the game is five dollars on steam right now. If you can, I would.
  11. Can anyone tell us who left the OP DEV in charge of decision making. Why does it seem that every decision made is almost always "all or nothing" from a player standpoint? Does the atlas team need testers? Because I volunteer as tribute. Y'all need to test these ideas or find other avenues of finding a happy medium before launching major game changing patches. I love the overall idea of Atlas but I don't like the ill informed or unimaginative restrictions being placed on players.
  12. What is the point of the lumbermill at this point? Can you please fix wharehouse restrictions? Like one per company per island? There is literally no point restricting it further. Thanks, awesome game.
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