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  1. Had an incident (Cobra spawned in breeding house, all animals on passive) and it managed to kill 2 of my high level breeding tames. I have since been running around the island I live on trying to find some new tames. In this case, specifically, Cows and Bulls. I have tried running around the island, killing every low level cow and bull I find in the hopes that when they respawn they come back higher level. Doesnt seem to be working, I have spent literally around 10 hours over the last few days just running around killing things and havnt seen any cows or bulls over level 23 appear. I might just be unlucky, but... Do any of you have any tips for finding higher level tames, or know of a way to force the issue? Whilst I will keep trying, as I need to find the higher level tames, it would be nice if I didnt have to keep running around killing for refresh tames for 20-30-40+ hours. Its driving me insane!!! Any tips?
  2. Started playing recently and the guys I was playing with have all quit leaving me on my own. I am currently in F8 and G9, have a couple of farmhouses up if anyone thinks they may be of use. If anyone has some space let me know. Cheers
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