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  1. When the eggs or babies are too hot you need to open an ice chest (or freezer... can’t remember what they’re called... ice box?) near them with ice in it. In order to get ice you need an ice chest in a VERY COLD area with a water source. When you open the door with ice in it, it will cool the surrounding area, opposite to a fire heating it up. It’s a super long process to do all of that... the easier solution is to pick them up when it’s too hot. By the time you run around and open stuff and turn off fires, the eggs will have taken a lot of damage. Hope I helped! -Dutch East India Company
  2. We had to demolish the market and start over yesterday to clear it.
  3. Yeah, I made a gally for some new residents way back at the beginning of this wipe (just before markets came back) in our 210% ship yard and it seems they got locked at level 52 as well... but my companies 3 ships in the same yard are still going. One topped out at 57 or 58 but it isn’t a 200% ship any way... like 190 or something. I’m not sure at this point!
  4. Sounds like you need to walk away from this game buddy. This forum post was about positivity and you kind of derailed it and raised your own blood pressure I agree with the OP. This game has its ups and downs but I’d rate it at 90% ups 10% downs. It’s a pretty good game and it is a well created world. If you can’t handle early access.... probably don’t play early access.
  5. Hahaha. Yeah yeah Kummba. It was right after the update and this matey was..... inebriated.
  6. Tame a bear and put a cargo saddle on it with a swivel gun and grape shot. Then camp an island for high levels maps and set sail. It will take a little but you will net gold, blueprints and level up very quickly. If all you care about is lots of gold then I would go for the aforementioned sea fort bank robbing. Take the bear (or a cannon on your ship) ONLY hit the bank and you won’t get attacked. You will have to break the bank twice in 2 minutes to get the gold out. The gold will be in a bag on the ground. Same as when you “drop all” in inventory. I personally have not gotten any gold out of banks because I enjoy the adventure of maps and sunken treasures! But to each their own. Hope I helped! -Dutch East India Company
  7. AHOY SHINGEN! Sorry about the cobra incident. We had a wall of resource boxes with tons of supplies in them and a cobra was trying to get at a bear inside... of corse it broke 2 of the boxes and we lost all of our stuff in those boxes.... we feel your pain! As far as I know, there are a bunch of animals that share spawns. For example (this isn’t accurate but just as an example) kill 3 cows and 2 chickens and a bull spawn. To my knowledge the only way to get higher spawns is to kill the lower level ones. I know, as another example, someone found that trench squid share a spawn with angler fish, sharks and jellyfish in the dev kit. I don’t personally understand how they decipher the information there but I can confirm that when I kill enough of those things a squid or 2 will spawn. As far as level, it’s pure chance. I’ve now tamed 6 Tortugar and 4 of them were level 3.... two were 12 and 13. Persistence is key and maybe find out if anyone knows of an island rich with the tames you are after. I figured spawn rates would be the same for most islands but holy cow are there a ton of lions in E4 Sorry I don’t have a perfect answer for you, but I hope I at least got you to read this whole post! -Dutch East India Company
  8. So far I have to say the patch is running great, most things are working as intended! The dolphins are a blast to tame and we’re not lagging! Great work! Moving forward I wanted to say that it would be great if we could get a Tortugar rework. Maybe give it the ability to farm seaweed and calcite! I could also say to make them useable in PvP it would be cool if they took normal cannon ball and explosive damage but could reflect bullets like the shield horn if their shell is closed and maybe arrows don’t hit it if the shell takes damage. Just a thought! Keep up the great work! We’re looking forward to what’s coming in the future!
  9. So fun story! I cannot launch boats from the ship yard on Xbox.
  10. @SinWeaver I have an island in J3 come visit us. We will discuss where you can build and get you going. PvE Server. There’s rules to building but we help new players https://discord.gg/vfz9d9Efx9
  11. Solved with a small object that can be interacted with and an option to start v1 or v2 on a 5 minute delay. Gives you the ability to choose and allows you to get positioned before it starts. Like a small small island with a power stone slot on it.
  12. I was wondering if we are supposed to be able to build on golden age islands? I cannot recall clearly but I swear at some point we used to grab cyclops and lead them into traps to shoot.
  13. I do not have much in the way of answers for you.... However if I remember correctly one of the more recent patches (maybe November) stated that they “restored the max level of ships to level 60” but it was not a “retroactive” fix. This was after the recent wipe so I believe there may have been a bug of some kind. Maybe review the patch notes and compare them with the date the boats were built! hope this helps! - Dutch East India Company
  14. Hello! I have already submitted a bug forum about this issue but here’s the story. Its a pretty straight forward story, we hatched 4 razor teeth and began crashing hard core non stop and continue to do so. We haven't had a single issue with our island until now. 2 of us are on the Xbox series X and one is on a Xbox one x. is anyone else experiencing this issue? It could be related to the recent patch and Xbox mess up. Maybe it’s just remains of the previous issues they fixed, I’m not sure. But it was perfectly timed with the hatching of those eggs.
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