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  1. Fifteen or twenty battle eye kicks in an hour and a half, just sailing home a few squares. Some a minute apart. It's worse, not better. At least disable it or something on the pve server official. Doesn't the already existing pve restrictions cover pretty much everything battle eye does, at the server level? Or disable or scrap stupid trading system until you get it working at least in QC. Pretty obvious no version yet has or should have gotten past QC. Or both.
  2. Hi all. So you gave us a new patch. Also gave me around 30 crashes, at least, in the last hour. Cannot open the map ( M key default ) At all. Under any conditions. On bear, off bear, on land, swimming, on boat, doesn't matter. Touch the map key, and insta hard crash. At least 30 times in a row. Tested under as many variables as I can come up with stuck on this island. Sure as hell not sailing anywhere with no ability to see the map. You can see it in inventory menu then atlas tab. Except all the other squares are black. The trading system is breaking the game on a daily basis. In to an utterly unplayable state. Mad lag spikes, constant crashes......... ' Just disable it completely until you get it working right in testing. Because it is breaking every single other element of gameplay. Or scrap it. It's just an easy cash exploit if you have the land. And breaks everyone's game. And anyone else who didn't get in on the land rush after wipe doesn't get to use it anyway, there are bordering on zero locations for more farms. Making the entire, game breaking and crashing trading system utterly useless.
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