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  1. I'm building a galleon, and I've got several sails on it. The bow sail I'm putting in the farthest forward spot available. I've put a sail on it twice, and within about 5 minutes it's just gone.
  2. Just found a prime spot I wanted to contest a claim on. Timer was at roughly 45 minutes of upkeep. Sat and waited. Once the timer got to zero, it just started counting up in the negatives and will not let me contest it. Watched it happen. Rolled from one to zero to negative one and now it's at about negative 250.... Whats happening?
  3. I'm after NA PVE. Headed to F8 just leaving G7.
  4. Hoping the fix is in by the time I get there. My little cargo sloop is going to be super high level from this long haul.
  5. Should be a video soon if a bunch of people have found it. So far only one screen shot, though, right? and on O14?
  6. Where on the island is it? How hard was it to get there?
  7. NA PVE E11 seems to have been down since last night.
  8. Watts

    NA PVP A9

    works now! Thanks
  9. Watts

    NA PVP A9

    Totally fine to wipe my guy. Fresh start isn't bad since they've done so well fixing the lag in starter areas.
  10. Watts

    NA PVP A9

    A9 has been down since last night. My guy is stuck there, so I haven't been able to log into that server. Looks like it's still down even with 6.11. Can we just wipe everybody in A9 so we can start over somewhere else? I'd really like to play.
  11. No. Just hoping I could link it, invite my friends via the site, and not have to go find them in the game world like you did in Ark.
  12. Do we know if you can link the company on the site to in-game?
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