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  1. I'm facing the exact same problem, I'd love to put in new sails and cannons, I don't think we'll have any answers.
  2. I'm also trying to make this game more attractive with mods, sometimes I feel like the development team needs some help with this point!
  3. I am currently working on variant models of the models already in the game. But i'm having trouble making the models work within the game, the artistic part is not the problem, i'm not making more ship models intil i can make this work. if anyone wishes to join forces for such an idea, be very welcome!
  4. The actions of this company leave me in an incredulous level to the point of being with an extreme desire to create a game of navigation and survival with everything that the developer simply cannot put into practice I just wish I had a single opportunity to be part of this development team to get this game ready, I’ve had enough hours and hours imagining so many things that could be done to fix this game, things that are under the nose of the developers they keep insisting on the same mistakes
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