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  1. Still down, as one of our company member went into that grid with a galleon due to fog and disconnected.
  2. Yea, thats when rage quit happens. The extra gold would be fine to me provided that disconnection bug is fixed. Sorry for your lost BTW.
  3. In fact the island is able feeds themselves with gold made from taxes with treasures hunts. So yes, they are pretty much permanent asset once you claim it. They should either remove the gold cut (as almost no island owner is building access for treasures hunter despite collecting 20% tax, they simply not worth it)or start collecting something else. It will be a great if they add ways that island owner may lost their claim ,say ”npc private raid that aims for the flag”.
  4. That happened to G4 grid last week, the latacy was reduced to acceptable level somehow on last Friday. Suspecting it is a result of foundation spaming and back to normal when the foundation decayed.
  5. Crew won't do repair if they are assigned to any task or when no resources are in ship resources box. They only repair wood plank as well.
  6. I have been left after s1 and returned at this season.(I am playing pve, so every comment I got is about pve offical) As a small group of 2 active player, I found gold for ships is not the worst part of the game , collect gold is more enjoyable (provided that there isn't bugs during the procedure) when compared with endless grinding for basic resources in s1. What keeps player count low is more likely to be the bugs, unstable connection, difficulty to obtain a wh , fh and perhaps the toxic land claiming system. Not owning a island is fine but definitely will drop if we don't own fh and wh. Yet most grid are claimable Island, solo are squeezing into those confined space. It should be where most player leave the game. If devs wants more players to be around ,they should make claiming system , wh and fh system more solo player friendly. Reduce the price if schooner may helps but keeping top tier stuff costly is pretty much standard procedure for most game(and most of them cost even more), yet ppl are still playing.
  7. Important note: You can't build ramming ship in large shipyard. Don't risk your 22k in official. I have tried that in single player and literally wasted 22 times “gfi coins 1000 0 0“.
  8. They simply migrate breeding system from ark which I believe to be the sole reason why breeding system in a game that supposed to be private theme. Player should be treasure hunting, going on adventures or enjoying ship battles but not a full time baby sitter. The dev could introduce some consumables that obtained with coins or from boss which reduces the time consumed to breed. That encourage player to reach out while making breeding less boring. Simply make breeding more accessible may break the game balance as they are significantly stronger. However if you are into taming and breeding you should probably be playing ark where tames are core of the game.
  9. Sorry about what happened and I can definitely feel how frustrating it brought. But there is nothing you can do by the time being in case that happened already. They are mostly newbies who don't know how to play, maybe you can setup preventive measures as suggested in other replies. However I won't support active measures like moving ships out of the shipyard as it is vulnerable to exploit. Just imagine a griefer place a shipyard outside your ship then click remove ship. setting a rather short decay time to ships not require gold to construct or apply enermy foundation checking to anchoring instead should be more viable
  10. asking them to leave with billboard should be the best thing you can do in game.
  11. A company is hosting one on 21:00 cet and they got quite a number of players has sign up, you may want to check that out in discord. Wanted to join too, but the time is bad for us.
  12. When I first read the title I saw “your cool schooner here“. Since complains about price of schooner literally flood the forum.
  13. I think ppl will still complain about they don't get a fh even without the issue of alts or splitting their companies. just count how many companies are on your island now and the number of fh able to be built. not to count the temptation for receiving gold by putting wh on every island. It probably end up with every island occupied by maybe 20-40 companies.
  14. Considering how crowded on lawless now even without merit for passive resources, the problem likely to exist with higher ping as everyone will build on every grid for extra resources. Set the limit to 1 per company may solve the problem, but devs have to make the output correlated to company size to reduce to motivation to form multiple companies with alts.
  15. Got the same problem at H1,thought that was a personal issue until I saw this thread.
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