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  1. As a passionate and ever loyal ark and atlas player who often times is only in small or solo play I believe I speak for many in the understanding, that despite your great idea of trading for a main source of income it may be too difficult for the majority to work with. Infact as I see it you should NOT force one to pay for ANY ship that the individual BUILDS THEMSELVES! These individually built ships should be available to any who wish to take the time to build them as building a ship is a lengthy process in itself. I can understand and see perhaps coin required for an addon of armor plate to boost a ships dexterity or as you already have complimented "manned cannons", but if nothing else atleast make the pricing "reasonable". A schooner should NOT cost 5000 gold when you've practically screwed any hope with the amounts of float cargo and shipwrecks coin and spawns. That being said I believe you all should seriously think logically about how to make this "fair gameplay" work to everyone's favor because otherwise you will loose more and more players out of mere frustration and impatience than by glitches and bugs.
  2. I'm sure others of the xbox community have come to find these issues as well one in particular being the ever annoying crashes caused when crafting too many items or going to cancel a crafted amount causing the game to freeze and immediately crash. Another issue found has been a glitch of climbing the ladder to board ones ship causing the player to become stuck and be able to only move about a x axis radius in the area even away from the ladder. The only solved response to this has been to jump however this only happens so often. Thirdly an issue of which has been since the initial launch of atlas of becoming stuck within an animal i.e. a boar while attacking it yet not being able to be free or strike the animal forcing a player to die with no chance.
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