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  1. To add to this, I lost about 40 or 50 hours of gameplay when I moved the game from my Xbox One X to my Series X. Since then, I've probably put another 40 or 50 hours of play on the game. All Access didn't activate properly, so I had to reset the Series X, and even though I chose to retain all game data, I somehow lost my save... again. The first save, I lost 2 sloops, a schooner, and a galleon along with 3 really cool bases. This time, I lost a huge base, 2 sloops, maybe a schooner if it's still out there somewhere, and all that progress after rebuilding. I'm not sure why EVERY SINGLE OTHER GAME ON MY XBOX transferred successfully, but I've already spent way too much time rebuilding once. I will not be doing it again. Goodbye ATLAS.
  2. A friend and I put about 16 hours of play in the game between Friday and Saturday, trying to gather up the gold for a Galleon. Friday night, after a long night of sailing I died and had to respawn back at my base about an hour and a half away from my schooner because the bed on the schooner decided to randomly stop working. This has happened a few times and caused me to lose a few ships over the course of the game, but it wasn't TOO BIG of a deal when the schooner didn't require gold to build. Saturday night, my friend and I sailed all the way back out to where the schooner was (since we couldn't just simply fast travel to it) just to find that it's location on the map was incorrect. About an hour later we managed to track it down and reclaim it. We picked up where we left off the night before, collecting treasure from multiple maps and over the course of a few hours, racked up about 30K. On the long way home, we crossed a server and got kicked from the game. In a split second, we lost the 5K schooner and the 30K gold on board. We spent an hour or so travelling back to the ships last know location, but we could not find it. All that time, effort, resources, and gold is just wasted, in a split second, through no fault of our own. I understand that the game is early access, BUT WHY ARE YOU ADDING PAY WALLS TO BUILD THE SHIPS WHEN SIMPLE THINGS LIKE BEDS, RESPAWNS, MAPS, AND TRAVELLING FROM ONE SERVER TO THE NEXT DO NOT WORK CORRECTLY. Devs, fix the base game FIRST, BEFORE you add a bunch of crazy stipulations to ship building. Who am I paying this gold to anyways??? I am the one gathering the resources, I am the one that built the shipyard, I am the one that's crafting the decks and planks, and I am the one that's putting it all together... SO WHY AM I PAYING GOLD FOR THAT!?!?!? I'm not going to keep playing a game that's in an unplayable state.
  3. I've been running into an issue where the beds don't work when I'm way out to sea. I have to respawn back at the base. Now I have a ship that cost me 5K to build, plus time and resources, with a bed on it, that's about an hour's travel away. Can't fast travel to it. This has happened a few times lately but this is by far the worst scenario.
  4. Roger that, thanks for the info.
  5. Will trading be relevant on private, non-dedicated servers? Does anybody know if I can set up warehouses and marketplaces on distant islands with different resources and trade with myself? Is there any point in taking over trade towers if I'm the only person playing in a private session?
  6. I'm playing on a private non-dedicated server on Xbox. My farmhouses keep disappearing (as in turning invisible, but I can still access their inventories) after I log out and then back in. I can't see them but my friends can. Is this happening to anyone else? I'm wondering if this is a feature or option that I'm unaware of or a bug... Only started about two weeks ago.
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