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  1. ya I see that point but, there is definingly a fine line. fi they are there and waiting for the timer and when it swaps to combat they will get attacked. i feel like the ability to gather maps unharmed would be used more often then people waiting for the timer to attack. the thing is, if people want to raid you , your gonna get raided regardless of their strat. A man just wants to farm maps and mats.
  2. With all the changes to ship cost and more specifically the drastic gold inflation. Maps are more important than ever, until trading is fixed and finalized. With that being said, why in the hell are defenses aloud to attack me while in peace mode? I have a few issues with this. First, I understand you want to defend your self and possibly stop people from settling on your island. we can all agree this makes sense, but why would you want to go so over board no one can even do maps on your island and you have a tax! You understand you get a portion of this? if your island is in peace phase that should mean everyone is un-killable. Why can defenses shoot me and yet I can not retaliate? please changes this so we can do maps wherever we want during piece phase, so we can attempt to stack this unfathomable amount of gold you require us. SIDE BARR- Puckles and swivels are fucking broken..the crew is untargetable
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