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  1. 4am on a thursday in EU is the wipe. When most of us come from work, all the islands are already claimed by Chinese or NA. This logic is so what about you do it on friday eve PST, so the rest of t he world can start on a saturday?
  2. Does someone know the file name of the lighthouse painting? i tried the billboard one (_Sign_Large_Wood_C.pnt) but doesnt work. And i cant draw on the lighthouse with the paint brush, so i cant save an empty painting for the file name ^^
  3. Hey, I started playing the game right from the start, but only PvP. Played here and then. 3 Weeks ago, i returned, but started in PvE and here are some things, to make the game better (in my opinion): General stuff: We need way more small islands, then the super big ones. Even big companies in PvP dont need that big islands. Decay in lawless regions should be way faster. People can go afk for 3 weeks and still have their structures. Area limit of farmhouses, markets and warehouses should be higher in lawless regions respectively the big area, where you can’t place them near to another farmhouse should be smaller. Starting late (in the season) in the game in PvE is so annoying in so many ways. Even when you find a good place to build, you canÄt place not even one farmhouse. We searched around 8-9 bis islands, but couldnt place any farmhouses. Sorting options for things like blueprints: 'most damage to less', 'most durability' and so on Restrict the spamming of foundations somehow. It is so annoying, especially in lawless regions. alliance chat for one alliance and not all at once... fix the lags in lawless PvE where are more then 15 poeple More furniture ^^' how about one grid like a 'Turtuga' place. Even in PvP you cant attack. Just have fun with the pirate life on a pirate island. Drinking, eroticism, gambling and bar fights. Ship stuff: More ship types! How about something between a brig and a galleon? They are so far away in size and so. How about a transport only type, like a Cog from the 'Hanse'? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cog_(ship) Galley for shallow water Carrack for PvE players - because it looks so good Barque, Caravel, Frigate... Maybe there could be a “Flag Ship” per company, with a special bonus for the fleet around it (only for the own company, not for alliances). Something like more resistance, dmg or so. Make it a player choice. You only see back cannons. PvE and PvP. Restrict it like the large cannons. I know there would be many people upset, but it's unreal and doesn't look good. Make the walls, ramps and ceilings fit/snap better on the ship design... a hard one, but it really grinds my gears sometimes. Animals/tames: Seals for fishing An animal for flint or coal only Deers/moose place bear in the polar region and call them icebears with the same kind of skills. Tame it with prime fish meat Camel/Zebra for riding in desert instead of horses Gorilla for climbing Speaking of how to make money? Just make ingame MTX. I know... a lot of people start crying now, but look at Path of Exile or Space Engineers (https://store.steampowered.com/dlc/244850/Space_Engineers/#browse) -> 3€ for ingame stuff, which is not “pay to win”. Make good designs for sails, armor and so on. Or maybe a full painting for ships like in Sea of Thieves. People will pay for this when it's cheap and only for appearance. And more money means more ressources to make a better game (except you are greedy). Sorry for the bad englisch writing. It's not my native language. Best regards, Seehundi (Seehund = german for 'seal' - the i at the end makes it more cute -> that's why i want seals )
  4. PVP EU not on C6, not on H6 and not at M12. We were there.
  5. It wouldnt be that bad, if you can go to EVERY golden age ruin for the "Fountain of Youth"
  6. All a men needs is sitting on your boat and grill, even when it's raining.
  7. Seriously - Penguins, Whales and Yetis but no Seals/sea dogs? I need seals! Maybe they are good for grinding fish. Seals are love, seals are live.
  8. In the tundra areas are a few big rocks under the water, which cant be harvested, but if you put pillars on them, you cant build ceilings on the pillars, because they dont count as a foundation. You need to place the pillar on the ocean ground, but the rocks dont count as this.
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