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  1. If someone sends me $25k to cover my 2021 expenses I'll fix the game for free.
  2. Yes, I will accept that.
  3. I would like to join a company, as I can not afford a ship as a solo player.
  4. Rofl the incoherent rage is strong in this one.
  6. Apparently, according to how they handle things, all you need is one enemy on a second account to infiltrate and start cheating.
  7. imagine getting infiltrated by an enemy clan who starts cheating and gets your whole clan banned xD
  8. Sure, but I have to step out for a little bit. I'll get back to you this afternoon.
  9. Possibly, if you wanted the same deal I got. You would have to be okay with 1 of 2 drawbacks, though. The first option: You play on a new Steam account, with official servers available to you. The second option: You still create that new Steam account for ATLAS, but then SteamShare the game with your main account. The only draw back to this method, is that official servers will not be available to the connected account. Only Unofficial servers as well as Blackwood and singleplayer maps are available, you may also host a map. Hope this helps you get into the game :)
  10. I admit it's not where I'd like it to be but I'm having fun on the blackwood map. So far it's worth the $9 I paid.
  11. I too am having difficulties finding fish on the Blackwood map.... I waited so long to get this game, took days to DL on my slow internet. My god I am disappointed.
  12. I bought the game! Now I just have to wait 17 more hours for it to download! lol. Fast for my internet!
  13. Flash sale anyone?! I desperately want this game, but simply do not have $30 to spend on it. I currently have $18 saved up in my Steam account, only $12 more to go! (How cool would it be if someone with the authority saw this and let me buy the game for $18) Perhaps a guild might want a new eager member and could spend a few nickels a piece to get me in the game?! Sorry for begging, it's all I can do ATM until a sale happens.
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