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  1. There should be a Skill that allows your NPC crewmembers to tame things for you, if you start the tame and if the crewmember has enuf food, maybe 2 or 3 times the food it would take a player to do it, other players can interrupt the tame by killing your crewmember and maybe even steal the tame and the time to tame remains the same as it was when they stole it so it doesn’t take them any xtra time to tame it. Also there should be a Skill to increase tame speed, maybe level one would increase by 15%, then from there to 35% and then at level three 60% faster taming. A Skill that improves your Insulation would also be nice, say level one is 10% more Insulation, level two is 25% and three could be 45% more Insulation.
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