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  1. Are people taming bears, wolves, etc in golden age ruin sectors on official? Not sure if it's even possible? I've heard many yes's but have yet to see people actually legit sell them or even see a tamed one in person yet.
  2. Dexter

    Remove Cobras!!

    Instead of: FIX COBRAS! It's: Remove Cobras! If they listened to every demand, this game would form a blackhole, nothingness wouldn't be enough for you guys
  3. Dexter

    Powerstone islands are a joke

    Whats your best method for killing them, just a bunch of balls and a galleon?
  4. Bear = You farm with thatch with pond-like plants. Can get about 3k thatch in 3 minutes using a mid lvl bear Giraffe = IDK Supposedly giraffes are best for thatch but I've yet to meet anyone that's farmed with both that can say which one is the clear winner. We havent tamed a giraffe yet because I haven't seen the point and frankly at first it'd be a big production getting a trap ready, sailing, etc. With the bear we have a safe, tax free zone.. we have galleons that can store over 150k per go, takes 10 min of sailing. Can anyone that actually has real experience tell me which one is better? If a giraffe really is better, then I'd want to get that. For example when we farm for wood we use bamboo, see a huge spike in wood we gather. I'm wondering if with a giraffe it might be the same, a specific type of tree/plant and it just gets tons faster than a bear even. .again a bear averages about 1k per minute with a lvl 34.. so a high lvl with pure damage would get even more. For anyone that can clear this up for me that isn't guessing, thanks in advance!
  5. I hate being that guy but.... these are the exact things to expect in EA. That's the honest truth.
  6. Dexter

    How does aging work?

    Yeah I'm current with their freak baby and all of that, thanks for the info though... so there's no real benefit to staying alive meaning I can go back to dying all the time lol.. easier imo than the alternative.
  7. Might not succeed like Ark has which is something I'm sure a lot of people that can connect the dots could see within the past month. I discussed how it lacks good hooks, this is a primary reason why people are leaving. It's not the stone structures or the Chinese, it's that people don't feel rewarded enough or compelled to finish through to end game As some are saying, it's EA which is true but no excuse. They'll 100% have big sales to draw in the crowds but the numbers right now are not promising. Unless they reveal dramatic changes to breeding, MMO mechanics, huge push on magic - this game will keep moving forward but it'll never draw the huge crowds Ark has on and off throughout the years thus. Modding community is the one thing that might save the day (again). Downside is that people are playing this game to sail vast differences which will be problematic for those developing maps.. but it could also bring incredible new opportunities we haven't seen before. There are a lot more avenues for modders to go down off the bat. The big issue is a lot of modders that invest months/years into their mod want a lot of people to use their work obviously.. if the game is doing poorly my population count, there's going to be far less incentive. The good thing though is Wildcard/Grapeshot clearly see the value in mods.. they literally built a game combing them. Using us at test pigs without remotely testing it first in a private test environment WILL hurt the game. Say whatever you like, that it's EA, just leave if you don't like it.. whatever.. that's not my point. My point is their practices are selfharming and they don't care. They think they can pull the same stunts off they did with Ark. Statistically speaking this game is way worse off from the start than Ark was in many really important ways that matters including the ratings potential buyers see, it'd scare me away too but also the current player base is treated like shit. They might not care too much about the population. As crazy as that sounds there is the possibility that they don't care just like Ark. I mean they care to an extent but nothing to lose sleep over. As long as people are able to play the game and their PR is decent, they're good. The target people who've never heard the game, when it goes on sale for $15 - they nab those people. By the time they figure out what the game really is about that they're playing, they've already gone well past the max time allowed for refunds by Steam. If you quit you quit, who cares. They might not be as desperate to keep us as people might think which sucks if you really want this game to work. In short: If they REALLY want this game to succeed they'll STOP thinking they know best. They'll STOP saying they listen and respond to the community yet do things they KNOW will piss EVERYONE off. This game will not die. If you are saying that, I really think you're either A) an idiot or B) trolling. For most of us that care about the game, it's rather or not it'll end up like a Conan Exiles or an Ark. Rather you can spend years with this game playing it every day or a good couple months. Rather modders feel the need to pour months into a grand product or not. That's why the dwindling population is a huge red flag, because the reality is people might already be over Atlas. Ark had the advantage of being a first of it's kind, with a huge crowd funding mentality behind it - Atlas doesn't have that same vibe thus in order to keep that ball rolling, they'll need to not treat it like Ark and be significantly more pro-active. This is the wrong studio to hope for that, unfortunately. Should you stop wasting time and leave or stick around? Numbers really only matter so much so I think if you like the game you should stick around. I think if you are obsessed with how popular a game is, just leave. Also, if you can't handle the fact that a lot of things we want to see may never happen and that this studio will always be the way it is now - then leave. Otherwise, stick around but being that it's so EA, take some forced breaks, make yourself only play X amount of hours during the week, etc. I have a big feeling they'll F things up for themselves, not heed the warning signs of the community that's trying to help them. I really hope I'm wrong. The silliest of things they could easily implement, they don't. To me, that in itself says a lot. There is such thing as too late.
  8. Dexter

    How does aging work?

    I thought that it worked by deaths but I was told that's not true so is it game hours played or..?
  9. Dexter

    lost everything

    At least you aren't being mocked like I was.. I was informed that it's an early Alpha, if I don't like galleons sinking for nothing I did wrong, I should GTFO.. nice, eh? I think you being a solo player is more commendable than joining a company.. with that said, I strongly recommend you stick to brigs over galleons. We have a decent sized company and even we're skipping on galleons for now.. it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for what we actually do on the game, risk far outweighs reward.
  10. The mods here so far have been great, I want to thank you for leading a toxic-free community. It reminds me of how Ark community forums used to be, people voice their opinions but in a respectful tone while mods protect our criticisms vs trying to hide major issues within the game. This forum is an example of a well oiled community, thanks to our mods. Reddit on the otherhand is another matter entirely. There's a FP post (again) calling for the removal of mods there. I don't know if any mods here also mod there but regardless, it's a much different situation. Things that are perfectly fine to post here get hidden there, we're talking about very highly rated comments that don't brake ANY rules whatsoever. If it's against rules, then mods should comment when blocking those top posts/comments with which section it's in violation.. we're talking about #1 posts on FP and top comments that're being removed for no reason other than they don't like it. Grapeshot needs to handle this situation because it's making the company/game as a whole look very bad ontop of all the other sh*t that's occurred, this is just another thing that's making the community give you all the evil eye. There's going to be sarcastic, contradicting comments following this of course but there's a reason why Reddit has a voting system.. when top rated posts get removed that DO NOT break rules, but rather are things Grapeshot doesn't want to be discussed, people will hate you for it. If you manage that subreddit it's 100% within your right but it's also 100% in the right of the community to spread the world everywhere of your practices. Be smart, put out this fire before it spreads.
  11. Me thinks* not "me thought" gawd If you really wanted to help, you'd create something you can control.. this will be sunk down with the rest of the comments ..why would you create a topic for each server?.. Perhaps start a subreddit instead and pin the location, then link to that? That you can control 100% and everyone will have easy access to it, where you can add trustworthy mods, etc. Supposedly this is it's rotation btw: 1. C6 2. D12 3. F8 4. G3 5. H6 6. M12 7. 07 8. 014
  12. Dexter

    No Building Allowed Trolls

    I dont understand what you're saying? You can connect your own grid to others? If so that'd be brilliant tbh
  13. I like how you're telling people what to post on a forum you don't own while QQ'ing yourself about others QQ'ing.
  14. Dexter

    No Building Allowed Trolls

    YES! Official Bugs will destroy your stuff, even galleons Support is extremely terrible No enforced rules Unofficial Owner can delete your stuff without any reason - just because you looked at him funny Bored with the game? Dont pay the server fees, all is gone Constant dependence on random strangers you dont know Alternative is to pay a large fee for a TINY fraction of sectors you get on official, own the thing yourself, constantly push for more people to join - a never ending cycle PVE - Official PVP - Unofficial