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  1. I am very sad to see the dev team move in such a direction. the new trade system you are imposing is not the way to go. I would have been cool to have a spot set up were ppl can in person deliver goods and sell them. I must say, you are using people to purchase your game, and you don't even have a vision for it. the way you have set this game up, we are actually paying you to build a game. that if very amateur. you should have built this game on your own dime with a vision. it just shows that you guys have no idea what your doing and your actually stealing from your fans. you moved all pve servers to one. all pve servers are laggy as hell, just like your already established game Ark. you obviously are not listing to the people paying you to build this game. so really why are you doing it?
  2. yea this is getting pretty sad. such a good game. such un educated programmers they really need to hire a team and team leaders who know what they are doing. this game has had very bad glitches from day one. that they have no idea how to fix. like for instance our tames gone poof off our ship when we zone to a new grid. this has ben since day one. is it because they are lazy. I think not. it is because they have no idea what to do or how to fix there own game. instead, hey guys since we cant fix this, lets spend time making farmhouses that will help ruin and lag the game even more. that will be the solution. we will create more bugs to keep there minds off the old bugs
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