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  1. i wasted 22k G Gold 4 this crap turtle Ship omg wth is this? the Name turtle ship does not come from its heavy armor around... it comes from its speed
  2. @Chucksteak of course. For my Opinion there should be only 2 ways to use Barrels carry by hand and use with Catapult but both on land. Catapult with Barrel on sea is not much different to the Issue with Cannons and Barrels. I dont like it, oftentimes u dont have nice seafights, there comes a fast Barrel Schooner with Catapult and the fight is over. But in principle it is not as absurd as with cannons. The Gliding with Barrels before the Glider nerf was ok for me and u needed a good timing u knew where a gliding attack can happen. Now u have to count with it anytime. In addition, you can theoretically take off from the ground and fly anywhere and stay in the air forever. A little crazy
  3. WHY? That is horrible with Gliders.... Our Island is bombed by barrels. About 8 Players with Gliders and Barrels circle around our island. See the Range they comming from. WHY? Is this what u want with this change????????? But yes its a way to bring the players and ships on the sea before the ships are destroyed by barrel in the port
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