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  1. I'm not an ASUU user (and certainly not a dev) but I believe this problem is a missing Visual Studio 2015 runtime. You should be able to fix it by installing the runtime from https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/details.aspx?id=48145 Do not install a dll directly from another machine or by downloading. Installing the runtime from Microsoft is safe, though.
  2. And never mind, it was the summoned sloop. When I buy a real one they're quite aggressive.
  3. Since Grapeshot fixed the Linux build recently I've been working on getting my server back online. It's looking pretty good except that the damned fleets are completely non-aggressive. Not only do they refuse to attack, just sailing around in circles, I can ram their ships without taking or giving any damage at all. I don't have a good way to know whether a) this is a problem with the Linux build, b) there needs to be a configuration change with the current server generation (v517-ish), or c) this is a generic bug with dedicated servers. Are ships of the damned still aggressive on Windows dedicated servers, and did they need to have a configuration update? (I'm thinking maybe they could be different engrams or something.) Update: Windows server with the same 2x2 configuration behaves identically, so it isn't a function of the Linux server. I'm testing with an admiin summoned sloop; would that make a difference? Did the engrams change with 517 so that older vessels aren't recognized somehow?
  4. See the fourth message in this thread: You need to add the trade database to redis.
  5. As of version 6010673 the server's working again.
  6. Later thought: that doesn't work, because before I updated all the servers I compared the traffic of the broken updated server to one of the non-updated ones, and the non-updated one connected fine, so it isn't simply a matter of old code vs. new protocol. After I updated all servers they all failed to connect.
  7. How did you check the server version? I was getting Linux server updates that corresponded to Windows server releases, and assumed that they were pushing out Linux server updates to match the Windows ones. The server failed sometime around build 5941388 which was pushed around the time of v518.6 and I assumed that 5955268 (current) corresponded to 518.7. If the server wasn't updated, it would make sense if it's failing if the protocols change for 517. Maybe they are rebuilding and pushing out old server code. I agree that it's currently broken, and I went through a similar procedure to you. I had two Blackwood servers and a 2x2 grid that all failed with the 5955268 update. I created a 1x1 grid under Windows using https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Server_setup. I tested it under Windows, then moved it to Linux and got exactly the same failure as the working servers. It appears to be trying to connect, I see outbound packets to Steam, with Steam occasionally replying (about 1 reply for 2-3 outbound) but of course I have no idea what they're saying, and they never move beyond that state.
  8. Thanks for this. Let me add the Linux server error to the thread so that anyone searching for this can find your fix. [2020.11.19-03.04.03:022][ 0]Log file open, 11/19/20 03:04:03 [2020.11.19-03.04.03:022][ 0]ATLAS Version: 514.3 (Rev. 121293) [2020.11.19-03.04.03:022][ 0]PID: 1228 [2020.11.19-03.08.45:569][ 0]Primal Game Data Took 276.09 seconds [2020.11.19-03.09.10:726][ 0]SteamSocketsOpenSource: gethostname failed () [2020.11.19-03.09.10:726][ 0]gethostbyname failed () [2020.11.19-03.09.32:410][ 0]Network range scales set to: 48 start, 77 end, 0.440000 endscale [2020.11.19-03.09.34:510][ 0]FDatabaseRedisShared::GetOrCreateSubscriberConnection() Failed To find DB connection for TradeDB or it had empty URL The fix is the same, plus the source at BoiseComputer has been edited so that this should work with a new setup.
  9. I've completed a HOWTO for hosting a Blackwood map on a Linux server. I'm fairly sure that it's complete. I walked through the process step-by-step while setting up the machine from scratch. This does not cover using an existing Linux installation. It requires a fresh Ubuntu install. Of course it should be adaptable to other Ubuntu systems, but I've got no interest in trying to figure out compatibility issues. HOWTO is a Google doc here:https://s.webl.com/abw. Please send feedback. Addendum: IPTables rules for ATLAS Server at https://s.webl.com/aipt Added 2x2 Grid HOWTO: https://s.webl.com/2x2
  10. I'm working on a HOWTO to set up a Linux dedicated server with the Blackwood map and atlasmanager. The server is up and looks good, but I'd really like to see how well it performs. If anyone would be willing to help stress testing, please join "Allies of Charybdis". I plan to leave it up for a couple of months while I clean up some management scripts. There is no password, and no BattleEye. There are also, of course, no mods, no tweaks, no rules and no community. The server performance may not be great, but that's one of the things I want to test. It's hosted on a virtual machine behind a firewall, using a VPN for internet presence, so it may have a high ping and be slow to respond. It's also running with only 8 gigs of memory, and I'd really like to know how much memory a few users will take up.
  11. Old thread, I know, but this doesn't seem to have changed. I've hosted a Blackwood serve for about 2 days now, and it's a great map for a dedicated server, but the lack of fish is absolutely my biggest disappointment. It isn't the lack of vitamin F, as such, I know I can go to freshwater lakes for that. It's the lack of risk in the sea. *All* kinds of fish are missing or low spawn. If a heatwave strikes, I can stop the boat and jump into the water with perfect safety. Another player is deep sea diving with really no risk. The game is all about risk, and having a large risk-free space is like a natural exploit. It isn't players killing respawn. They're just not there, at least at the latitude of the freeport.
  12. I have the server (from the Boise Quick Start guide) running on an Ubuntu server 20.04 guest. I can connect to it using the Steam link, but it isn't showing up in the browser, probably because I don't know how to set the "Friendly Name". When I connect to it directly, its name shows as "ATLAS Test", and that and "Tropical Freeport" appear to be the only names the server has. Any ideas how I set a server name? I found this in ServerGrid.json.
  13. Is there a particularly successful version of Linux to start with? I am using Debian 10, and didn't get very far with missing legacy DLLs, etc. After installing a few I decided that if I went any further I would lose control of the environment, and the server stability is too important to me, so I reverted them and wiped out Atlas. What I can do, though, is install it on a virtual machine on a VPN. With that architecture I don't particularly care about security, so I'd be happy installing an outdated version of Linux, whether it's Ubuntu or Debian or whatever. I usually use Debian, but it looks like Ubuntu may be the better choice, so I'll do that - but does anyone have recommendations on what version of Ubuntu would be the easiest to start with?
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