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  1. I have the server (from the Boise Quick Start guide) running on an Ubuntu server 20.04 guest. I can connect to it using the Steam link, but it isn't showing up in the browser, probably because I don't know how to set the "Friendly Name". When I connect to it directly, its name shows as "ATLAS Test", and that and "Tropical Freeport" appear to be the only names the server has. Any ideas how I set a server name? I found this in ServerGrid.json.
  2. Is there a particularly successful version of Linux to start with? I am using Debian 10, and didn't get very far with missing legacy DLLs, etc. After installing a few I decided that if I went any further I would lose control of the environment, and the server stability is too important to me, so I reverted them and wiped out Atlas. What I can do, though, is install it on a virtual machine on a VPN. With that architecture I don't particularly care about security, so I'd be happy installing an outdated version of Linux, whether it's Ubuntu or Debian or whatever. I usually use Debian, but it looks like Ubuntu may be the better choice, so I'll do that - but does anyone have recommendations on what version of Ubuntu would be the easiest to start with?
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