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  1. Is there any way to get help from griefers in this game? We have put in 2 support tickets already but they immediately show up as solved. The group we are dealing with violated almost every code of conduct rule. The following is my last ticket text along with several screenshots of what is going on. The Degenerate company continues to harass us and block us in. They have placed their ships across ours and at our docks so that we can no longer play. They have blocked off our shipyards so that we cannot build/launch new ships. They have built a wall across our dock/player store and placed a locked gate to prevent access to our ships/player store. The names of the ships that they have blocked us in with are named: Anus Dwelling Spunk Monk shit cunt the III Giant Dwelling Testicle Shitty Briggy My grandchildren used to be able to play with me in this game but these characters are always griefing and using foul language. Children cannot play in here anymore!!! Our gameplay is ruined and this is the second complaint we have put in about this group.
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