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  1. The kids that are making this game have no idea of what they are doing that's why we're still in pre-release 4 years later... They don't want to listen to any things the players have to say if you are not in PvP... From the looks of it they've got developers from multiple other games working on this one trying to make it look like all the other games they're working on... All they want to do is keep adding and taking away certain content and bringing in boats that make no difference to the ones that we've already got going and now they want to add more crap in that's only will lag out the server even more... when they decided to have the intelligence to do portals and not be able to get back to the Freeport at all I think is when they went retarded... Makes you think that the Devs are kids and have no clue how to make a GOOD game... 

  2. 9 hours ago, George Catcher said:

    Hmmm... my frist thoughts.

    - The servers now in huge tailspin.

    - Got crash. This one is new:


    - After my tower hit 100% my computer just froze.

    - Tower in basic of building. It's good in order to start again in lawless after WIPE.


    - One tower has 4 points. My solo company have 70. It means I can place like 17 towers. Some dudes already doing that:


    Meaning, we going to 1st season back, where everything were overflooded by thousands of flags. The only difference - 1st season it was out of lawless and lawless was the only way to settle for small tribes. Now it's in lawless, so... If you didn't get a piece of land in the beginning, then you'll probably wont be able to settle at all.

    Same as in season 1.

    - Oh and... to speed it up, you can put 200 gold to get +1% Meaning to instantly get tower working you need 20K gold.

    - I would say there is a good thing there... from now on - no one can secure place their farms and warehouses over the island, but... well, everyone will have towers instead.

    - Oh and in PVE - you place your tower in Lawless and this territory is yours WITH NO DECAY!!!

    It means if someone will claim huge zone for fun, and then drop the game, his claims will stay like... for ever. Less chance for those who just join to find a spot.

    I think someone is but hurt...

  3. When are you going to bring back the NA PVE?? The lag gets sooooooooooo bad when you get in a lawless area it is hard to do anything at all when you take 2 steps and end up back where you were over and over...I was able to understand that taking it down so you can use it for testing was needed but to shaft all of the American players and say deal with it is killing the game... If you think it is easy to play when the ping is 150 to 250 all the time in lawless you need to grow up... You were not able to get things right when you just had to rework the map like the polar and tundra are reversed Tundra IS colder than polar like you had it last season.. If all you want to support is the PVP end of the game and say fuck you to all of us PVE players you have killed the game officially before you even release it.. You ask for input from players and the only ones you even take questions from are the PVP guys and avoid us PVE guys... You cherry pick the questions that are easy to answer and shun the real questions that people want to know...

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