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  1. Shieldnoob

    remove fire arrows

    the issue with fire damage atm is how they work nerfing them and this bullshit that is going on right now is pointless should make it so that when you shoot a fire arrow and hit someone it do decent damage but if you hit the ground it starts a fire there but that fire should not make people start fully blazing because they stepped on a small patch of fire it should be more like campfire so basicly if you walk over it or stand in it then it do small amount of damage. its just stupid that you go full blazing and the strenght of the fire arrow is way to strong compared to any other weapon specially when the game is always gonna be abit laggy its impossible to make it run flawless only way to fix this is killing your player base completely like you probably will having fire arrows as the end game weapon countering everything with it, might aswell remove armor since it fill no real purpose in the game with fire arrows as they are right now.
  2. Shieldnoob

    5hr 30m to Claim Land now? Really?

    6 hours claim is just fucking stupid specially since if the one you trying to claim it from walk into the circle (Or just anybody not in your guild or alliance) over and over they keep getting their time back they spent in it + 30 seconds like we were fighting for some land plots on islands we were attacking for about 2- 3 hours for 1 claim back when it was 30 minutes declaim timer because they keept coming there running in naked with the beautiful meta of naked fire arrow people 6 hours declaims basicly means whats left to do is run around naked with fire arrows and sink ships while people are offline, great content planned for the future im sure this will really keep players interested in the game. sure there is a way to go around it to make that 6hours into 15 minutes but i dunno will i get banned for exploiting if i do?
  3. Shieldnoob

    Limit of claim

    just remove pve server and issue is solved