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  1. It is the most stupid thing they could do, after people claim we are gonna see even more huge walls blocking people from maps etc coz now its "their" place and now they can spam walls as much as they want within the area they now own , just to ruin the game for others,(hurray for even more laggy servers) plus this patch on PVE because we have shared servers NA/EU with their patch timers means that they are going to loose most players from EU, who is going to log on and see all their hard work gone, most pve players are players who got work and family and who dont have the time for offline raiding etc but maybe they just want PVE gamers from NA or maybe they are simply trying to kill PVE off completely so they can focus on pvp only because god know this new dev team are the freaking worst ever that happened to atlas, none of the devs are actively playing atlas and none of them are actually experienced in making a game , they are one huge fuck up of a team imo , who constantly makes excuses about "its early access" 2 years of early access lol ....... they dont know wtf they are doing at all , you cant design or repair a game you dont actively play your self coz you simply dont know whats good or bad
  2. In the patch dropping early next week, we’ll be introducing a new claim system to the lawless regions of Atlas. Moving forward, Pathfinders will now be able to claim land in these areas using a claim tower that will claim everything within its radius after it reaches full health. This takes about 45 minutes and may be sped up with gold. These changes will take effect immediately with the release of the new update and will make your structures be vulnerable to being claimed by others. Armored Docks may be claimed in this manner, and that includes the ships docked there! Previously we mentioned that there may be a wipe with the new claim system if it becomes necessary. However, we are able to implement this without requiring it, so please note that there is NO WIPE at this time is this also for PVE ? as it dosent say anything about that? IF its also for PVE then how is that gonna work without a wipe?? you have us EU/ NA together on same server and when you release the patches most people in EU are sleeping coz they got work /school etc the days after or a family you can just ignore so you cant just stay awake all night and have the game be more important than real life, if this is on PVE as well many EU players are gonna loose everything have a think about that
  3. brilliant idea there lol , had me laughing lol
  4. as much as i support a wipe i really wish you would add something like in ark and let us save our progress and a few tames, i dont like the trading system for pve one bit gotta admit , in start when i heard about it it was cool as i was thinking yey auction house like in other games finally ,but no that was not it lol , the prizes for the ships are imo way to much , the casual gamer or gamers with family's are gonna struggle playing this now i really hope your all rethinking this coz this aint good at all im afraid ,you focus a lot on the pvp side but surely us pve'ers should have a little say too ?
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