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  1. Sooooo ... We placed one in the middle of our base. Fine. Since it's not getting ressources out of some Farmhouses, we tried to place some others closer. Placed some (had to find some places with a flat ground within 30m of the sea ...). Not getting it either ... close enough, but nothing. Removed them to try to get even closer ... And that's where it began. Can't place it anywhere, not even at the very spot it was before. Keep getting the blue building but : Too many "Warehouse" in the area 3/1 . . . Searched everywhere and not a single one except for our main base. Tried to figure out the distance using foundations ... hoooo dear. From our 1st one, the red "Too close" message vanish after about 250m (125 foundations). Already, why ?!? You said a 2km radius ... And we had placed some, now destroyed, about 100m after that, so 350m from our 1st one. Moved 2km away, still nothing. Went to another base, on another island and couldn't place it, still 3/1 error message. Went back home, tried, nothing, went back again to our 2nd island and we did place one exactly where we couldn't before. Those we have placed are "collecting from 11 farmhouses" ... when we only have 5 of ours inside the blue radius. So what, is it collecting from other players farmhouses ? So, how the hell is it actually working ?!? Why doesn't it work like it should : * 1 warehouse can collect the whole island - make sense from a practical view since farmhouses are everywhere players could place them, and make from a RP view since it would lower the number of warehouses, allow players to place them properly to blend it their base and it's supposed to be the one point of collection/exchange for ressources * remove the distance limit - why can't 2 allied compagnies have an harbour with their warehouses * collect [Stock of wood - 500] wood - keep farmhouses running but still gather ressources and some fuel to keep the warehouses running along * collect thatch and does not use it as fuel * doesn't use thatch or wood as fuel but need a crew to operate. Need to feed and protect the crew. Here is our base (Green dot), our farmhouses (Red dots). We placed a Warehouse (Yellow dots) next to our base. Then we went to place some around to see what it can gather. We placed all the orange ones. Not getting anything interesting, we removed them, so the orange ones are gone. And we couldn't place one on the Yellow spot away from our base. We finally managed to place it after we removed one farmhouse. Why ? No idea.
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