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  1. No this is pure shit. You comeback with ideas which have already been discuss multiple times during previous seasons. If green anchored ships are invulnerable, it means invulnerable FOB during an attack EVEN DURING PEACE PHASE if you use your galleon as a fob for example. Please people, think twice before posting anything on this forum because devs are reading the shit you are posting here. So don't come with ideas if you are not sure it will balance the game for good. 3 weeks ago, in the "feedback and suggestions" forum rubric, a guy suggested to use barrel bomb out of cannons and catapults because he though barrels were not enough usable in the game. Here we are now.... So if you have no idea what you are saying, if you just play the game with less than 3 or 4k hours and don"t know anyhing about it, please, avoid posting any suggestion regarding PVP atleast because devs might be able to listen to you and introduce your suggestion in the next patch without even consult the playerbase who know the game and could be able to determine if the idea is good or dumb. THX
  2. People were complaining about barrels using out canons during season 1 because it was a broken mechanic when fighting tames vs tames or ships vs ships and now, you bring it back for no reason. Did the community asked for it? Why can't you stick with the community proposals in order to balance the PVP instead of adding old removed mechanics people didn't want in the game?
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