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  1. lmfao! Would it not have been a better idea to fix the core issue with the game (lag, resources, ships) or issues you added (barrel bombs) before adding systems that are pointless? Is the NA and EU PvP servers merging? or PvE disappearing?
  2. We have been trying to build a farmhouse and there was no space and no one had theirs unlocked near us. We noticed a dingy and a farmhouse belonging to a user we hadnt seen in game (same with the other inhabitants) and noticed they had a claim timer or 6 days. So we waited and today we were finally able to claim their farmhouse and delete it (to place ours closer to resources we need) but the dingy is still there with no timer or way to claim it. how do we get rid of it? Their name is Baneleon Waylander company ID# 436387193
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