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  1. I have some things to ask you guys. 1: Why does it feels like you don't want people to get to max level? This is the first game i have ever played where it feels like you are doing anything in your power to make noone ever get max level. S1 a few was max level, S2 a few was max level, S3 some found the lever bug and got 120, S4 more bugs are found and you start wiping cause you dont want people to be max level. I understand that people should not be max level that fast, but doing 1000's of maps to get max level??? Who wanna do that? 2: PLEASE make reversing go just a little faster. Reverse parking my galleon makes me wanna kill myself. 3: Give all grids their own server like S1.. Every grid where there are 2 company's building harbor and defences = LAGGY shit... 4: A lot in this games takes VERY LONG time. You lose a lot of players because they dont have time. Not everyone have a lot of time to spare, and can only log in for like 1-2 hours every second day. But if you wanna do anything other than farm it take agaes. Just sailing 3 grids, doing 4 maps, sailing 1 grid, doing 2 maps and sailing back = players that can play only a few hours wont be able to do it without having to park their ship, gold, BP's a random place and hope its not gone when they come back. Parking it at freeport wont work either if they can't log in before the next day. Or how would a casual player ever breath a horse? I know some things should take time, and some should not be easy.. But have you thougt about how many players you are loosing because you need to play this gave for MANY hours each week to not get hopeless behind. 4: Give the option to log a ship out in freeport, transfere it off the server. Make it cost like 5K gold, 10K gold or whatever price feels right. People wont need to build masive harbors, wich makes server lag, and ther eare not 20 gally with crew and stuff draining resources from the server either. 5: Build a better trade station thing. Make one that dont have to be on the freeport. Make let people use the bank or something for it. Make it cost some more to use it, like 1 gold for each 100 things that gets traded and make a fixed valve. Like 1:1 only or gold. 11.000 x-wood for 10.000 x-fiber - Cost 110 gold in fee to make the trade. 250.000 softwood for 5.000 gold - Cost 2500 gold in fee to make the trade. 6: Make Weight sails and Speed sails Go up and down just as fast as Handling sails. 7: Do something about the RNG of treasure maps. First you need to actually find a good treasure map, the you need to go and hopefully be able to do the treasure map (hope that its not on a enemy island, defended with puckles, spam build on the island and what ever) and then hope that its not a myth fishing net or some crap that you get. Its like 1 in 200 maps you collect that is actually decent end game BP. And change people being able to block map spawns with small shipyard and other stuff. Just a few thoughts from me.
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