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  1. At the start of the recent season, I had that happen with one of my boats. Had purchased a boat from D9 Freeport, the next day, purchased a second one at D9 that was stuck in first person. First boat was still good. Docked second boat for a few weeks, and had stopped being stuck in first person. Maybe just scrap it and buy another one on a different day?
  2. Game Devs be like ... *makes world map so small that overcrowding is a problematic issue from day 1* “we want to give players farmhouses and warehouses to make harvesting resources easier so that players could spend more time doing pirate stuff. *makes placement restrictions so huge on farmhouses and warehouses that only a small fraction of players could use farmhouses, and a small fraction of farmhouse users could use the warehouses* Seems like the biggest trolls in Atlas are the Devs
  3. Could see an easier set up with the Farmhouse concept using existing components: - Limit Farmhouses 1/Island (like Crew Silo) to prevent spamming by players; - reduce the proximity of other Farmhouses limitation to the size of its area of effect gather zone (blue circle); - allow NPC’s to be assigned to Farmhouse. In the way that a NPC Crew is able to draw resources out of a ship’s Resource Box to Repair a ship, seems that most of the code is already there. Why not copy, paste, and edit those algorithms to create NPC Farmers who could be assigned to a Farmhouse to put resources into a Resource Box that is set within the Farmhouses area of effect (blue circle)? Sell NPC Farmers at a separate vendor at Freeports, otherwise, their appearance and mechanics are basically the same as Crew. - Create switches for Farmhouse collection. Users set the switches to be On or Off for base types of material (generic settings), so if that particular resource is available, it will be collected or not collected based on the switches. For example, if a switch is set on for Wood, the Farmhouse will collect any Wood within its area. If the switch for Metal is set off, it will not collect any metal at all, regardless of how many types are within the area of effect. Hopefully, these could make Farmhouses more helpful with a little editing by using the existing algorithms and game mechanics.
  4. To be quite frank, is rather have new workstations with these abilities and new building components, then build my own structures (ships and land based) with the workstations to create my own layouts. I enjoy building just as much as seafaring and questing.
  5. Lost most of the day, but finally got on for a short session You have any luck?
  6. Yup, been receiving “Host Connection Timeout” (xBox), and haven’t found any posts about a planned server maint Happens often since released on xBox, but never this long
  7. Oh, geez ... yes, happened to me once. Since then, always plant down fence posts between my structures and shipyard, and around the structures and shipyard into deeper waters Sounds ridiculous, but has kept my homesteads free, and open for other players to come and go for resources (I don’t wall off areas of land, except for right up close my workshops structures so I’m not jumped by a lion/tiger while I’m working).
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